Fractale – Episodes 10 – 11 [END]

So we finally learn the whole truth behind Fractale: the original makers of Fractale split the original Phryne (who was really just an ordinary girl) into a body and spirit, to make a key and keyhole. However, after 700 years when Fractale was supposed to reboot, the attempt failed.  They then tried making bodies of 10 year old girls and trying to put the soul in them, but that failed.  Finally, Barrot discovered that the girl wasn’t 10, she was 16, and the 10 year old’s personality was actually her personality for her stuffed animal – named Nessa.

Finally Together

Finally Together

However, for the process to be complete, the personality of the “Key” – Phryne – had to be compatible as well.  However, this had to be achieved by inflicting the same harm to this Phryne as the original one: being sexually abused by her father which, in this case, was done by Barrot being this Phryne’s adoptive father.  This finally allowed Phryne to be compatible as the key.

Phryne and Nessa decide to join because they were originally one, and it’s really the only way to save Nessa, meaning that the Fractale system will exist for another 1000 years or so, but with the temple destroyed, it can’t be rebooted again, meaning that they’ve defeated Fractale in the long run, even if it still exists for the meantime.  The merger just merges the two’s personality together into the original Phryne’s personality.

In the end, I thought this was a decent to good series. It probably wasn’t as deep as it could have been, and it seemed like there was a lot of time chasing after either Phryne or Nessa that could have been used elsewhere, such as exploring a bit deeper into the Fractale system. We never really did learn why the original Phryne was used and the purpose of the clones were kind of explained, but it was still a bit confusing to me.

I think part of the purpose of all of that was to stress the relationship between Phryne, Nessa, and Clain instead of getting too bogged down in the background and explanation of the Fractale system, which is all well and good, though I think the series could have used a bit more of an explanation.  We get the feeling of what Fractale is and why people like it, but we really only scratch the surface, learning about it’s pros and cons but not really much else.

Despite some other things I’ve read online about this series, I didn’t find a problem with this series holding my interest.  In fact, I think it’s held my interest better than several other recent series I’ve been watching and catching up on.  I just think some things could have been executed better.  But I still don’t think it was a bad show.