Fractale – Episodes 7 – 9

So we learn a bit more about Phryne and Nessa’s role in the Fractale system.  Apparently Phryne is just one of many clones (including the priestess we saw in episode 3, as well as possibly the Head Priestess).  Why this Phryne is particularly special, I’m not sure, but it seems they kept creating clones either to keep the Fractale system running or to finally produce one that was suitable to be the “key” that would allow the system to reboot.

Is it still a threesome if a doppel is involved?

Is it still a threesome if a doppel is involved?

Phryne reveals that Nessa is the “soul” and she is the “body” which must merge in order to reboot Fractale, and she believes that they’ll both die – or at least not be the same person – after they merge.  That’s why she ran away with her, and probably why she didn’t like Nessa when she first met her.

Unfortunately, Phryne is still very headstrong, and decides to go back to persuade her “father” and the Head Priestess to, well, I’m not sure what. To end Fractale I guess, though I’m not sure how far she’ll get with that.

Speaking of her “father” (I’m not sure if he’s her biological father, or just called that because he’s in charge of the clone project), he seemed to be pretty creepy about Phryne, going so far as demanding to check that she was still a virgin, since I’m assuming she has to be to be a valid key.  Phryne clearly doesn’t like him in any case.

In any case, two episodes left, with Lost Millennium attacking the main Fractale Temple, though the Fractale forces clearly seem to have superior technology, so I’m sure the fight will be hard.

So far this has been an OK series.  Maybe not as good as I had hoped, but not that bad either. It at least has rewatch value, I think.


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  1. Unfortunately, after the first few episodes, my hopes for this anime has been crushed. I thought it was going to be amazing, but the pacing was just sporadic and a tad bit awkward.

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