A Certain Magical Index II – Episodes 23 – 24 [END]

So episode 23 was kind of a “calm before the storm” episode before the final episode.  Going after a group like Skillout seems like a lame way to end the series, so it seemed odd that’s what episode 24 was about, so I figured there was more to it than that, but it looks like it was just a set up for an obvious 3rd season at some point.

It's not that easy to defeat Accelerator

It's not that easy to defeat Accelerator

I thought only having one episode for some sort of war was a stretch, and it was, as it looks like “the war” will be the next season, whenever it airs.  Accelerator appears to have joined a group called, well, GROUP, along with Tsuchimikado and Awaki to protect Academy City from the inside, though their targets don’t exactly to all be that great (such as wanting to kill Mikoto’s mother for leading a group who wanted to pull their children out of Academy City).  As to why they are against students leaving, perhaps it has something to do with Kazakiri since, I would presume, the fewer espers that are present, the weaker she becomes.

I presume Index will hold a vital role by the end of this franchise, but I’m not sure when I saw a series where the title character was so out of the way.  Sure, she does things now and then, but she isn’t even present half the time, and most of the time when she is, she’s just annoying such as being hungry or being jealous over Touma.  I mean, if you like a lot of action, this series has been OK, but I still can’t get too excited over it.  I may watch the 3rd season whenever it comes out just to see it to the end, but I’m still kind of meh about it.


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  1. Index might be the title character, but I think the main character is really Touma. The story actually revolves around him, not Index. She’s just a “tool” to drag Touma into the story as well as slowly adding insights into his powers.

    Season 2 was kinda disappointing in some ways, it wasn’t really as exciting as the first season and they actually skipped some of the best parts for the Daihaseisai :(

    From reading the light novels, I think the best parts are actually right after where Index II stopped >.<

    • Oh I’d agree the main character is Touma. I think I also agree that the 2nd season wasn’t as good as the first.

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