A Certain Magical Index II – Episodes 20 – 22

A lot of things are going in these three episodes.  There looks to be three different sides trying to do things, and I’m still not entirely clear on what each of their goals are.  First, there is Kihara and Hound Dog who captured Last Order, there is Vento, who is making everyone in the city (and suggestions are around the world) unconscious while a glowing dude is preparing to impale everyone in the city, and then there is Aleister (Mr. Upside Down guy), who is using Last Order to organize the city’s AIM field to force Kazakiri to run a spell called Testament which harms anyone who uses magic within the city.

The Church apparently only hires psychopaths

The Church apparently only hires psychopaths

It seems apparent that Aleister’s goal is just to defend the city, even if he is using Kazakiri to do it.  However, one question I had was whether Hound Dog is working for him, since they were the ones who captured Last Order, and when they did, that’s when Testament started.  That would definitely suggest that the two are working together.  As for what the Church’s goal is, I guess it’s the usual goal of destroying Academy City.  Vento says she was sent to deal with Touma, which definitely means they see him as a threat to their plans (and they have good reason to).  I guess the question is whether there is still more to be revealed as part of the Church’s plan.

Now that Accelerator is connected to the MISAKA network, I guess it’s not surprising that he somehow awoke once Index started to “free” Last Order from whatever was happening to her, though I”m not sure what that exactly entails yet.  Obviously he can operate without his connection now, and it was suggested that he was able to defeat Kihara’s countermeasures against him.

It seemed like the MISAKAs were preparing to do something as well, though I don’t know if they couldn’t because of what was happening to Last Order or if they just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Mikoto, meanwhile, has been relegated to talking on the phone to Index.  Meanwhile, we still have Tsuchimikado out there fighting the glowy being who is using Ancient Greek magic.

This has been an action packed, if confusing, trio of episodes.  It looks like Last Order is on the verge of being saved, Accelerator won his battle against Kihara and Vento is defeated, which leaves glowy dude, this new Acqua of the Rear guy who showed up at the very end, and possibly Aleister (and anyone else yet to be revealed) to deal with.