A Certain Magical Index II – Episodes 17 – 19

I thought I might get back to watching some of the series I had abandoned earlier in the year, so I’m starting with A Certain Magical Index II.  We get back to having lots of Mikoto action with her being all nervous around Touma, unfortunately for him, Kuroko is ever on the lookout for rivals. That along with Mikoto’s tsundere-ness results in much trouble for him.

Mikoto wants that Frog

Mikoto wants that Frog

These episodes had a lot of fun interaction between characters, some of which we haven’t really seen together before.  We had Last Order and Accelerator go to stay with Aiho, then Last Order ran off and hung out with Touma (after one of the MISAKAs had) and then while Accelerator was out looking for her, he ran into the ever-hungry Index.

We get back to a big arc again in episode 19 as someone who claims to have given Accelerator his power attacks him and is immune to his attacks, while also trying to get Last Order for some reason.  Meanwhile, Mr. Floaty upside down guy wants Last Order too in order to fight someone from the Catholic Church (of course) named Vento of the Front.  I’m guessing this is the next to last arc, or perhaps the final arc lasting a full 6 episodes (which would be rather long, though I guess appropriate for the final one, especially since the guy behind Academy City appears to be finally getting involved).


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  1. Well, having watched the series, all I can say is that the next bit that comes after the Accelerator arc of sorts is beyond epic. At least, it gets this huge grandiose feeling.

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