Fractale – Episode 3

The start of this episode definitely perked my interest, with them visiting an “old” village if you will, old being not using all the fancy technology.  And, interestingly, the people there can’t see doppels without visual assistance.

Just what the #%$@ is going on?

Just what the #%$@ is going on?

Not everything “older brother” says necessarily make sense (mainly the thing about 1000 years) but it’s clear that the people in the village have rejected the Fractale system, going as far as to remove the Fractale implants.  All of this doesn’t make sense to Clain until they bring him along to disrupt a Star Festival, which is believed by the people to be a religious ceremony that is meant to give you the grace of God – and also has the side effect of allowing people’s doppels to continue to work.  However, as Lost Millennium explains, it’s simply a brainwashing program to keep people from questioning the Fractale system.

So things brings up an interesting point – if it’s a brainwashing system by the government to prevent people from questioning Fractale, then this seems like a means to an end.  The question is what is the end?  Simply to keep people docile, or is there something even more sinister that is the goal?  And the “real” Nessa seemed to be the one in the center of the ceremony – and she appeared to have no connection to the Nessa doppel.  And to top it all off, Phyrne shows up and is revealed to be Nessa’s older sister.

So while Clain didn’t really partake in the Fractale system, he didn’t see anything particularly wrong with it, though present events evidently have started to shake that belief, though we’ll have to see if he is very happy with LM with them attacking the festival as well.


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