A Certain Magical Index II – Episode 16

Apparently the Roman Catholic Church is obsessed with destroying Academy City.  First, the Cross of St. Peter and now they’re trying to use The Rosary of the Appointed Time and Queen of the Adriatic Sea spells to erase Academy City from history.  They really are going all out now, though one has to ask why they are being so insistent on trying to eliminate their scientific adversaries right now.

Many people probably wish to punch their local Bishop like this as well

Many people probably wish to punch their local Bishop like this as well

So, anyway, Touma’s right hand saves the world (or at least Academy City) once again, though the Catholic Church is now going so far as the Pope himself signing an order of inquisition against Touma.  While the Roman Catholic Church was kinda seen as a villain before, they’ve come to be the front and center bad guy here in the second season.  I’m also liking this second season a bit more, if for no other reason than they’re actually using Index.  Her using her powers to help out Touma have occurred quite a bit more frequently recently.

One would expect maybe one or two lighter episodes after two straight near apocalyptic arcs have finished.  A good first step would be Touma having to play his “penalty game” for Mikoto.  After all, more Mikoto is definitely better.

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  1. lol i wish i had given that guy a nuggin or two but that negate magic techique does not allow for any other fighting style than fists. kind of lame considering some of them trow fire and fight with swords. still index is really cute. oh btw i’m tere nice to meet sha.

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