Kimi ni Todoke 2 – Episode 3

NOOOOO! Not that! Anything but that! Anything but….Trigonometry!  It’s been like 10 years since I took that, and just seeing cosigns on the blackboard made my head hurt again… But anyway.  Someone needs to find the largest frying pan in existence and swing it as hard as they can at Kazehaya’s head.  Seriously.

This is about how I feel about Kento too

This is about how I feel about Kento too

Kazehaya says he’s selfish, and yet seems to be surrendering Sawako to Kento so easily.  I can understand why he’s confused, with Sawako being confused and not knowing how to react either, but really, he can at least try approaching her and saying something.

Speaking of Kento, I’m not sure what he’s up to, whether he’s just being friendly, or is trying to get Sawako, or what is going on there.  As for Sawako, it’s great that she’s become friends and accepted by so many people now, though in this case it was as much think to Kento as it was Kazehaya.  I have a feeling that Ayane and Chizuru are going to lose their patience and are going to go on the warpath soon regarding Kazehaya and Sawako.