Wandering Son – Episode 2

More teen angst in this episode, though none of it really about the transexualism, directly.  Basically, Saorin is mad (and has been mad) at Yoshino for being the object of Shuichi’s affections even though Saorin likes him.  After Saorin is still pissy, Saorin and Yoshino’s shared friend Sasa says that she won’t talk to either of them.  This ultimately leads to Yoshino and Saorin making up in the end.

Saorin gets her tsundere under control

Saorin gets her tsundere under control

So we still have the Saorin-Yoshino-Shuichi love triangle going, though at least a bit more stable now after two episodes.  However, we also have some other minor things such as Makoto wondering if he’s gay, and Shuichi’s sister Maho seems to be conflicted or even jealous over her brother’s crossdressing (becoming rather agitated when her classmates remark that he looks cute).  However, this has a payoff later when a boy in Maho’s class uses the incident to complement her.

We also have Chizuru and her friend Momoko who have now joined the Saorin-Yoshino-Shuichi-Makoto-Sasa friend circle, with Sasa becoming friends with Chi and Yoshino still admiring her for wearing the boys uniform on the first day.

I guess there isn’t really very much to dwell on as far as the future goes as of yet, just observations of what’s going on.  Probably the only thing that is for sure is that the teen angst will continue.