Fractale – Episode 2

Poor Clain goes from hanging out Phyrne, with a time traveling girl who doesn’t mind being seen naked to Nessa, a crazy/spunky girl who Clain doesn’t think is human, but who clearly isn’t a dopple either (and who is strongly suggested at the start of the episode to be the “key to the world”).  Oh, and she can make inanimate objects so crazy too.

Dopple or Human? Or Neither?

Dopple or Human? Or Neither?

Clain’s father also said something which startled him later on: that if they lived at home with Clain, then their freedoms could be curtailed.  It’s hard to say whether he simply meant their personal freedom to move freely (by not being constrained to living in a house) or whether it was meant to be something more broad.  In any case, Clain wasn’t exactly thrilled with the implication that his parents were putting their happiness above his which, really, is kind of the point of the whole dopple system, isn’t it?

Of course, we still don’t really seem to have an idea of what Nessa is, but it seems like whenever Clain wants to be around her, she wants to hang around and he can touch her, but if he doesn’t want her around, he can no longer touch her.  In any case, the three stooges are still intent on knowing who (or what) she is.

For that matter, we still have no clue how the dopples work.  We kind of know the theory, but we don’t know basic info such as…where are the people who are running them, and can they do other tasks while running their dopples (and if so, how?)