A Certain Magical Index II – Episodes 14 and 15

So Touma wins a trip to Italy which, predictably, ends up with him getting mix up with trouble with the Roman Catholic Church again, after running into Orsola, who is moving from Italy to London, with the help of the Amakusas.  Except the Roman Catholics seem to be up to something really big this time, considering that they are sailing with a fleet of ice ships, where Touma and Orsola are trapped.

Return of the (other) Loli-Nun

Return of the (other) Loli-Nun

As I alluded to above, I knew the instant he said he won a trip to Italy that he’d get into something with the Roman Catholics.  At least Index was actually useful this time getting in the way of some Roman Catholic guys trying to cause some trouble, and in fetching the Amakusas so they could save Touma’s ass.

Whatever is going on, it seems like Agnese knows what she’s doing, though I’m still not sure we know the full story of what the Roman Catholic’s goal is.  All we really know is that the spell they want to use can not only destroy a city, but erase it’s entire history.  They were facing a lot of battle nuns, though they apparently didn’t seem to take too kindly to being sacrificed by the flagship, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they helped Touma and friends in the end.

Other than that…I’m not sure what more to say.  There seems to be a Amakusa girl who, I guess, has a thing for Touma and keeps handing him towels.  Somehow I don’t think she’s going to get much attention, though she’s cute enough to deserve some lol.  Also, this show once again portrays the Roman Catholics as pretty brutal, basically declaring Agnese and her entire unit heretics for, I’m assuming, failing during the Orsola ordeal earlier in the season.