Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 11 and 12

Zazie and Lag battle Roda while Conner tries to go save Sunny and the other nuns.  However, Noir arrives, finally giving Lag his chance to heal his heart

Gauche is Back!

Gauche is Back!

It looks like Gauche is finally back, though he  appears to be in a coma for now.  Also, while Roda appears to have fallen, somehow I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ve seen her.  I also agree with Lag’s thought that she was blended with Gauche’s dingo Roda’s heart in the capital, and that’s why the two of them have the connection they do.

Conner is staying behind to care for the heart-eaten Sunny, which perhaps suggests that there may eventually be a way to recover her heart later on.  However, the main goal would seem to be to stop the giant Gaichuu which, even though Zazie said it wasn’t heading for the capital now, is sure to be a danger, and I’m not sure the Bees will be able to stop it until Gauche wakes up.

Perhaps the most interesting event was Lag having so much heart that he lit up like the artificial sun.  That raises all sorts of question, such as what the artificial sun is and what relationship Lag as with it, especially since he was both born on the day of flicker, and his mother was taken to the capital when he was younger.  There has been an implied connection of sorts all along there, but it’s only gotten stronger now.

And unfortunately, Lag’s crying (which Noir took a shot at, ha) continues.