Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 9 and 10

Lag has to convince Niche’s big sister that humans aren’t all bad, though she and the Maka aren’t convinced Lag is entirely human himself.  Lag and Zazie investigate a possible Return base at an Abbey, where Lag tries to go undercover.

Lag is in a Roda trouble

Lag is in a Roda trouble

Once inside, Lag discovers that Reverse is planning on using a super-Gaichuu that Noir unsealed at the Maka’s lake to attack the capital city.  Who also get some background on Lag and Roda in these two episodes.  We learn that the insects in the Letter Bee’s amber turn into the Gaichuu after they lose their heart.  As I mentioned before, Niche’s sister also isn’t convinced Lag is human, though that’s all we know about that.  Roda reveals that she is a result of experiments involving merging the hearts of humans and other creatures together.

I’m assuming the nuns in the Abbey are sacrificing themselves by giving their heart to the Gaichuu, to make it more powerful, so that it can wipe out the capital.  I’d think Conner is about to be convinced things are up with the giant Gaichuu arrives though.  One has to wonder how Lag is going to get out of this one, though, unless Niche suddenly shows up healed.  Also, this Gaichuu looks like nothing the Bees have fought before, and I’m not sure Conner is going to be able to take it on himself.

At least we haven’t seen crying Lag in a while…well I guess we saw a bit of him in episode 9, but at least that was a somewhat understandable situation.  But we haven’t seen irrationally crying Lag in a while I don’t think.  Hopefully that continues.