Oreimo: Episodes 11 and 12 [END]

Kirino decides to be an ass while Manami visits, then tries to make up for it later.  In the finale, Kirino seems especially nice toward Kyou, and we soon find out why with her wanting him to go buy some eroge at midnight.  But we soon learn there is a reason for that too: she’s planning on going to America for track training the next day.

Gotta give the siscon people at least a few bones

Gotta give the siscon people at least a few bones

I think Kirino may be a hair jealous of Manami, there.  Either than or she just likes being an asshole.  Though it might be nice if Manami and Kyou actually decided to get it on.  And wait, how does Kirino know where Kyou’s porn is stashed?  Anyway, it’s nice that Kirino finally thanked Kyou for everything he’s done for her later, though it kinda got weird at the end with Kyou crying and Kirino giving him a siscon ero game lol.  At least we finally got to see the three girls in the maid outfits from a couple episodes ago.  This was definitely the best episode in this series for quite a while, and I laughed much of the way through.

In the last episode, it was pretty good I guess. A lot of series don’t know what to do for a final episode, but this one pulled it out pretty nicely, and left it wide open for a sequel as well.  And yes, I think this show is good enough for me to look forward to a sequel as well.  I had to laugh at Kyou’s friend buying a “homo game” as they put it for his middle school sister too.  Though, c’mon Kyou, wasn’t your reaction a bit harsh towards your friend, even if he was the one into those games?

As for overall thoughts, while kind of being marketed as a siscon show, I really don’t think this was one.  Yeah, there were a few awkward moments, and maybe Kirino has a little thing for Kyou (I think more than he has for her.  I legitimately think he has more of a thing for Manami), but there wasn’t anything major.  I know it might be weird for some people to conceive of, but there are some siblings who do actually have a good relationship with each other.  And while I’m definitely not opposed to siscon shows if done tastefully, I’m definitely not disappointed or anything by this show not going down that route.  I think there were a few episodes coming down the stretch that really weren’t necessary, but I think overall this series ended up being a pretty good one.

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