Fractale – Episode 1

So it’s time for my first show of 2011, and it happens to be Fractale.  This is an 11 episode series about a “Fractale System” that is beginning to collapse, and a boy finds a girl, and they go on a journey, and that’s about all I know other than the fact that it sounds interesting and it has pretty art.  I know that those don’t guarantee a good show, but it’s also amazing how much having good art and having a well thought out story correlates to each other.

Weird girls are weird.  But still hot.

Weird girls are weird. But still hot.

So we got some information already:  The fractale system is basically an internet of trillions of computers networked together, and people can basically get a living wage by installing a terminal within their body and uploading their “life log” to a central server.  While we didn’t get any direct evidence of this, I’m assuming the dopples have something to do with the fractale system as well.

Speaking of the dopples, it seems like it’s the whole “connecting remotely” thing taken to it’s logical extreme, where even family members don’t live together, but are still able to communicate and interact via remote means.  Why people like Clain’s parents (and most of the other people who hang around town) use dopples, I’m assuming we’ll find out later, but it seems that it’s out of convenience or perhaps some obligation to the fractale system.  One can’t help but think that there is some catch to the whole “sending your life log for cash” thing, though.

As for Phyrne, I’m assuming we haven’t seen the last of her, and it is strongly suggested that she is a time traveler.  The question is, is she from the past or future?  Clain said that the pendant she was wearing was very old, I think, so it would be interesting if we had a time travel story, but the traveler came from the past instead of the future.  And what was up with the girl popping out of the pendant at the end?

Overall, the animation (and Phyrne’s flying machine) remind me a lot of Ghibli’s work, and Nausicca particularly.  It’s kind of a nice change of pace animation style, though, with kind of an older animation style, but still with good animation quality as far as I could tell (though the stream was somewhat choppy).  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this series goes.


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  1. I have high hopes for this. Even though it doesn’t look like it’s promotional art, and the premise was actually pretty cookie-cutter, I’m a sucker for adventure anime like these.

    11 episodes seem pretty short though, but that just means that the future ones will just have more meat. Can’t wait to see more.

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