Oreimo: Episodes 8 – 10

Kirino goes through the adventure of having her story turned into an anime, but not before a confrontation with the anime staff.  Then the Tree Otaku spend a normal day at their homes.  Finally, it’s Kirino’s birthday, and Ayase wants to get her something good.  However, is she willing to pay the price?

What do you mean you're only catching up on this show NOW!?

What do you mean you're only catching up on this show NOW!?

Well, having an amateur’s first work be picked up for an anime seems a bit silly, but I rolled with it for a while.  However, I think Kirino’s scene in the staff meeting was the longest, most drawn out scene in anime history.  Maybe this was part of the point, but I wanted to punch her as much as the staff for the show did by the time she was done.  I’d say she probably deserved the dressing down that followed (though if they disliked her work that much, why were they going to turn it into an anime in the first place?)  The rest of episode 8 just seemed so…awkward.

As for episode 9, it was funny as much for Saori’s and Kuroneko’s home lives as anything else.  Kuroneko actually had a home life like what I’d expect.  Pretty normal (and wears normal clothes!) while hanging at home with her sister.  Saori, on the other hand, actually lives like how she writes (which probably explains why she writes like that).  So I wonder why she goes all Middle Ages with her speech when she’s around other otaku, then.  I also loled at Kuroneko’s mother peeking through the door at her daughter rollplaying by herself, with a look on her face as if her daughter was crazy.

Episode 10 was pretty funny, just from angry Ayase and cosplaying Kanako, but otherwise it didn’t seem like a lot happened.   These three episodes, taken together, seemed to be a downward slide in the show.  Not only do they minimize the siscon element (which I’m sure many fans of the show don’t like) and otherwise…while part of the episodes were funny, none of them necessarily held it from start to finish.  So I have to say, overall, these were a somewhat disappointing set of episodes.

It would be nice if the last two episodes got better, but it looks like this might be another series that starts off good, but then runs out of steam halfway through.