Yosuga no Sora – Episodes 11 and 12 [END]

Sora’s arc gets into full swing by finally putting the axe to Haru and Nao’s relationship by having Haru sexually assault Nao in his desperation to rid his mind of his sister, er scratching where it itches (you can find any number of euphemisms here), unsurprisingly causing her to break things off.  After Sora gets a fever and Haru cleans the seat off her body, Sora stand stand it no more and finally seduces Haru and they get it on, and their relationship improves.  In fact, it improves so much that Nao and (especially) Kozue, who caught Haru reading up some books about incest, become concerned that there is more going on.  After Haru leaves his cell at school, the pair go to Haru’s house, only to find Haru, er,  sticking his sausage into Sora’s basket

Why did you leave me out?

Why did you leave me out?

In the conclusion, both Kozue and Nao confront Haru, with Kozue basically saying that she was mistaken about him and will never talk to him again.  Nao is more open to hearing what Haru has to say.  Haru and Sora end up getting into a fight and Sora runs away.  Haru thinks she’s run to the lake behind the temple, as there is a legend one can “restart” your life in it.  After nearly drowning, Haru decides to stay with Sora, and the pair move away to another city.  All they do is leave the others with a text message that they’ve left for overseas.  Nao is willing to give them a chance because they love each other.

I guess this arc went about as well as one could expect.  Shows involving this topic usually tend to result in either the pair throwing themselves off a bridge or moving out of town in the end.  There are countries (like France, among others) where the act of incest isn’t criminalized (though there is no country where they could actually get married), though the show doesn’t say where they went.  In fact, I actually think it’s technically legal in Japan (though frowned upon, though I don’t know where it’s not).  So if they want a future where it’s legal, they have some choices.  Still might need to hide the fact though.

I’m glad we finally saw more of Kozue, though I wish it was in better circumstances than her giving nasty faces all the time after walking in on Haru and Sora.  It’d been nice for her to have her own arc, but oh well I guess.  One of the few beefs I had with the final arc is that it didn’t give much time for Haru and Sora’s relationship to develop.  I guess one could argue that it was being developed all along during the series, but things still seemed to happen in rather quick succession.

Overall for this series, I’m not necessarily a fan of the rebooting every 2 and 3 episodes because it makes the series less, well, episodic.  Things from one arc don’t necessarily impact things in another arc, so it’s not like watching Akira’s arc is necessary when watching Nao’s arc or something.  One can just Watch episodes 1 and 2 and then skip to 7, then 10, 11, and 12 if you wanted just Sora’s story without missing anything.  It just makes the series feel disjointed.

And while I understand that the sex scenes were supposed to highlight Haru’s intimacy, shows can still get the point across without it, and much of what was in this show was purely gratuitous, I thought.  Sora and Nao’s arcs may be the only arcs where the sex scenes are actually important; Nao’s because Sora catching them  is an important story element, and Sora’s because it puts an exclamation point on what they’re doing.

I think there were some good elements.  Some of the arcs – especially Akira’s – I thought were very good.  However, there are just some things – the reboot nature and the sex scenes, makes this have pretty limited rewatch value, for me in the end. Decent little show, but it could have done a lot a lot better.  The rebooting was certainly unique in a sense, as it was done much like a visual novel, but I think the show would have been better with out it.