Happy New Year from Josh's Anime Blog

One always has to love it – get a couple weeks off. You think “hey! I’ll have tons of time to catch up on anime!”  Except it’s not that easy when one is spending the time with family over Christmas and New Year.  And so, total number of anime episodes watched while off from work: 1.  And not even a show I was currently blogging.

Luckily my backlog isn’t too horrible (only about 1 month’s worth) so I hopefully should be caught up in not too long.  Football season ending should help as well.  Also, my blog was apparently hacked sometime during my break.  Based on twitter and google, it probably happened within the past week or so.  I’m not sure what happened, but thanks to doing a full backup when I had to reinstall Vista not too long ago, and my blog emailing me automatic DB backups every week, nothing was lost.

So I should be catching up on blogging here hopefully over the next week.  Oh, and go J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets tomorrow.


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