A Certain Magical Index II: Episode 7

Soo…that’s it for the “remnant” arc?  I so thought there would be more to this (and maybe there will be eventually), but this arc basically consisted of Awaki and Kuroko fighting each other (with Kuroko pretty much on the losing end of all of it) and Awaki demonstrating that she’s both crazy and can move heavy things.  In the end, the Misaka’s network together and tell Toma to…catch Kuroko out of midair I guess, because he didn’t do a heck of a lot else.

In Soviet Russia, the Accelerator puts down you

In Soviet Russia, the Accelerator puts down you

As I said before, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Tree Diagram remnant stuff didn’t pop up later, though obviously the suitcase that Awaki was carrying was obliterated, and she (and her comrades) weren’t exactly in the best shape either.  At least we got to see some Accelerator action, though he still seems to be sore about losing to Toma, so I’m guessing that will come back eventually.

As for what Awaki wanted the remnants for…I still don’t get it.  She basically wanted to ask it if animals could gain abilities which, while a fascinating question I guess, I find it difficult to find out it’s relevant.  She had issues accepting being an ability user, so perhaps she was trying to find some meaning as to why she was by having that question answered.

Overall, with a lack of any obvious future extension of this arc, I found this arc to be pretty lame, with a somewhat lame premise, lame battles, and a lame conclusion.  Again, if we come back to it again later, then maybe this episode and the last one will become more important, but as they stand now, they seem kind of pointless to me.