Letter Bee – Reverse: Episodes 5 – 7

You know what?  Lag makes a piss poor undercover person.  Lag hides away on the carriage of the people investigating Reverse, and at the first sign – the very first sign of anything bad (in this case, one of the guys knock over a kid) – he blows his cover.  I’m surprised he didn’t start balling too.  Lag may very well be the pinnacle of innocence in this series, but he’s also full of stupid as well.  He may very well have discovered the truth that the very investigators sent to investigate Reverse were the moles if he had stayed hidden.

Note to self: Never make Sylvette Angry

Note to self: Never make Sylvette Angry

At least we’re back into the story dealing with Reverse and Gauche, which has made the series a bit better over these three episodes.  I still think it’s still too early to say it’s risen from the cellar of the shows I”m watching, but it’s gotten better.  The reason Reverse appears to be fighting against the government seems to be somewhat justified – if it’s correct – though I seem to doubt that Reverse is planning on doing anything better if they were to take over.  And it looks like in the next episode we might learn the history of Niche.

Speaking of which, since Niche is a Maka, it’s possible that she’s a result of these experiments being run in the capital, much like Roda apparently was.  I’m still not totally clear on what those experiments were trying to do, but it seems clear it was some sort of human experimentation for some nefarious purpose – again if we can trust what Reverse has to say on the matter.

Oh, and what is up with Sylvette’s wheelchair.  I knew it was somewhat automatic, but really? It can outrun a rampaging rhino thing?