Yosuga no Sora: Episodes 5 – 7

So…basically each arc is going to be it’s own alternate universe from now on?  Episode 5 rebooted from the start of episode 3 while episode 7 robooted from all the way back to the start of episode 2.  Which I guess begs the question, what were episodes 2 through 6 up until now?  Are those arcs just “hypotheticals?”  Do we get to see which arc is “correct” at the end, or is the last arc the “correct” one?

Akira is easily the winner so far

Akira is easily the winner so far

I realize this is playing out like a visual novel, but usually anime series are somewhat linear in nature, or else the final product we get at the end of the final episode isn’t the combined result of everything that came before it.  What affect, if any, do episodes 2 through 6 have on the end of the series, other than the knowledge we have gained from watching them?  Does this mean Kazu stays angry at her dad, despite episodes 3 and 4?  Does this mean Akira remains feeling unwanted, despite episodes 5 and 6?  It just feels cheap.

Episode 7 starts another arc with Nao.  Is this going to be another 2 episode arc, where everything is forgotten and gone after episode 8?  The pacing of this arc makes it seem like it’ll be done next episode.  Also, clearly Sora doesn’t like Nao, but why?  If I had to guess, she saw Nao and Haru having sex back when they were in the town before, and Sora is resentful of that.

In any case, we get to see another side of Akira from what we saw in Kazu’s arc, with her feeling lonely and unwanted, which I think makes this arc superior to Kazu’s.  While I think some good things happened in Kazu’s arc, I don’t feel like it was anything in comparison to what Akira was going through. And even though Nao’s arc isn’t finished, it feels a lot more forced to me than either Kazu or Akira’s arc.  Maybe it’ll get better in the next episode, but it already feels like the lowest of the 3 arcs we’ve seen so far.

Though the end of episode 6 had a bit of a reverse Maury Povich feel (you are NOT the daughter!) and then another all-but-porn ending which, I guess if one doesn’t mind sex scenes mixed in with your anime is fine, but it makes it harder to respect a show as a drama with that much explicitness in it.  I can handle fan service, but this show seems to go way beyond even that.