Oreimo: Episodes 4 – 6

Heh, so we go from 3 episodes with only a light touching around the siscon business (aside from the eroge games) to smashing the TV with a hammer 1984-apple ad style in episode 4, with not only Kyou getting a, er, handful of Kirino (by accident, of course) but having Kirino’s best friends see as well.  But man, Ayase get scary when she gets angry.  I guess nobody’s perfect, though one has to wonder if there is anything behind her almost violent hatred of lying.

Can we join in too?

Can we join in too?

I think one of the more entertaining parts of this show so far (and it’s obviously entertaining to Kyou and Saori as well) is the constant tsundere fighting between Kirino and Ruri.  Obviously having two prideful tsunderes together can be both problematic and entertaining at the same time.

Unfortunately for Kirino, the more conspicuous she became about being an Otaku, the more likely it was that she was to eventually be discovered, and she might have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for Ayase’s instincts and her dislike of lying.  Though, at least in this case, Ayase’s news-reliant opinion was helpfully refuted by, naturally, less publicized retractions of the original news stories (isn’t that how it always works?)

In episode 6, I enjoyed how Kyou’s friend so easily ripped about Kyou’s facade over his childhood friend Manami.  It’s pretty obvious Kyou has a thing for her, though either he’s good at hiding it or doesn’t realize it himself.  Of course, Manami’s crush towards him is a bit more obvious.  Anyway, after this episode, I approve of having even more Manami in the future.

Overall, I’d say this is still the top show out of the four this season I’m watching.  It’s not a top class show, but it’s keeping on pace as not being a bad one.  We have some possible room to grow between Manami and Kyou, though I’m not sure what’s next regarding Kirino.  Her parents and best friends have already found out about her Otaku side, so other than full publication of the fact, there aren’t many other places to go in that regard.

One last note…does anyone else think that the TL notes on the Oreimo episodes are a bit excessive? They’re worse than some fansub groups.  Chances are if someone is watching the show, they at least have a passing familiarity with Japanese culture. Jeez.

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