A Certain Magical Index II: Episodes 4 – 6

Ha, now the cross (and why Stiyl gave it to Toma, and why Toma giving it to Orsola Aquinas) makes sense.  I had forgotten that Stiyl was part of the Anglican Church (*makes note*) and not the Roman Catholic church, so my concerns about him after the last episodes were probably mostly unfounded.  I’d think that people would notice if a huge battle was suddenly taking place at a Catholic Church, though.  But wow, two episodes in a row where Index does something!  Maybe this season will be better than the first after all.

Look Ma! I'm Actually Useful!

Look Ma! I'm Actually Useful!

Naturally, the Anglican’s  motivations in all this (not that Stiyl was aware of it) weren’t exactly totally pure either.  It seems like the group that came out the best in all of this were the Amakusa, who were initially portrayed as the enemy (shocking, I know).

In any case, we ended the Orsola Aquinas arc, which seems kind of pointless unless it’s part of a larger storyline through the story, which is probably the case.  It looks like the next arc will be about the Tree Diagram satellite that Index accidentally destroyed with her St. George’s Sanctuary spell way back in episode 6 of the first season.  It also seems that Kuroko has finally met her match (well, someone like Mikoto could probably already beat her, but outside the main group of protagonists).  I wonder what affect that might have on Kuroko’s arrogance in her abilities.  Anyway, having Accelerator (apparently) on their side can’t hurt their chances, though it’s still rather mysterious exactly what’s going on.

I tend to like the Academy City/esper story arcs better than the Church/magic arcs, so I might like this next story arc better than I did the first one.