Letter Bee – Reverse: Episodes 2 – 4

So Niche gets her underwear back, and Lag gets a special canister for his gun that can be used to shoot heart back into someone, but only into the person to which a letter that is inserted into the canister is addressed.  So we know how Lag is going to save Gauche now.  But now Lag is having the problem of actually writing his letter.

I'm the Coolest Bee Around

Other than that, we get to meet Jiggy Pepper, Lag cries some more, and…that’s about it.  Other than the first episode, this series hasn’t really had much to it.  I guess the main part is perhaps Lag just learning about life.

I guess if I had to rate this shows with the 3 others I’m watching this season, this one probably rates as the most disappointing so far.  There hasn’t really been any real aim or direction in the 4 episodes so far, at least that I can tell.  Maybe as we get farther along, things will start coming together, but at this point, there isn’t any real “story” to speak of yet.