Oreimo: Episodes 1 – 3

Pre-Thoughts: This was pretty much the last show I added to my watch list, and the premise isn’t exactly new: a person with a good reputation (in this case, the protagonists’ sister) ends up accidentally revealing that she’s a huge Otaku (or player of eroge games or whatever is the case in this show) and, I presume, they ultimately fight The Man for oppressing the downtrodden Otaku. Or something.  In any case, it looked more interesting than just about anything else left out there so I’m watching it.

If a series is streaming on a site like Crunchyroll, I make it a point not to download fansubs, even if I have to wait to watch it, but I very nearly did (and probably would have) if ANN hadn’t put the episodes back online after stupidly letting them leak (I guess that’s an initiation all new online streaming sites have to go through).  But since it’s back online, it’s back to watching it on ANN.

And after 17 years of trying, Kyou finally gets the upper hand

So we have Kyou, who is, let’s admit it, jealous of his sister’s, Kirino, success in seemingly everything.  However, this success, and Kyou’s lack of his own, has made Kirino look down on him and pretty much ignore him.  This changes when Kirino accidentally drops an eroge (ironically called “Love Little Sister”) that Kyou finds.  So Kirino tries to get the box back, proving to Kyou that she’s the one who dropped it.  Luckily for her, Kyou isn’t very judgmental about it, and the two probably talk more in a 5 to 10 minutes span than they have in their entire lives combined> (Kirino does win points for including School Days in her collection too).

So anyway, while there are several things about this show which are pretty standard (the male protagonist, and the general setup of the show), it seems to me that there are a lot about how this show was put together which makes it a bit different, at least from other shows I’ve seen, and it’s kind of refreshing.  I guess with the very nature of the show, there is the “siscon” tension, but it’s definitely background and humorous, at least to this point.   I can’t really say that anything feels all too forced in this show, other than maybe Kirino’s insistence Kyou share in her hobby to a degree, but I guess that might be expected from someone who is as strong willed and bossy as she is and who found someone who isn’t going to shun her for it.

Of course, like any show only 3 episodes in, this show can still go up or down, but I think it’s definitely on the right track, and may actually be the best show of the ones I”m watching this season to this point.  I’ll just have to see where they take the show now that we’ve done the “brother has found out” and “parents have found out” angles already through 3 episodes.