Gurren Lagann: DVD 2 (Episodes 6 – 9)

Well…plusses for DVD #2: Simon doesn’t seem as whiny (though now he’s gone all emo with Kamina getting killed, which kind of surprised me having such a major character apparently killed off so early).  Minuses for DVD #2: It’s still basically the same stuff.  I guess if you like giant robots fighting, then you’ll like it.  Otherwise, I’m still not sure how much there really is here to enjoy (and I’m not necessarily a giant robot person).  There is sporadic humor, anyway.

There's no way I'm dyin'! It's only episode 8!

I guess the one thing that can be said is that they’re starting to expand the story some – with the Spiral King and the Four Generals – though I still have doubts about how exciting that plot line will be if it solely consists of giant robots fighting each other.  I guess the main things to watch from now on are whether there is more to the series to that, and how does Simon (and other characters like Yoko) grow through the series.  However, overall I’ve thusfar been rather underwhelmed with not much reason to think it’ll get much better.  Maybe the one bright spot in the future is what role the daughter of the Spiral King will play in the future.

Apologies to Random Curiosity for stealing a screen shot. I lost my screenshot after having to reinstall my OS.