A Certain Magical Index II: Episodes 1 – 3

Pre-Thoughts: I watch this series with a bit of RAEG because J.C. Staff is airing this instead of doing Shana III, but that’s how things go I guess.  I watched the first season, which was OK but not great, but the lack of anything very good in the fall has me once again going back to second season of a series which wasn’t great, but I at least know wasn’t too bad.

Take this cross. Because, as a nun, I'm sure you don't have any of your own

It’s time for the second series of Index and, I guess so far the second season is much like the first: mostly boring with some pockets of excitement.  This set of episodes end before the current arc is complete, but it looks like The Church is, predictably, up to no good, and who we thought were the bad guys are actually the good guys.  Everyone is shocked, I know.

At least Index – finally – did something useful by using her magic to battle the nuns or whoever at the end of the 3rd episode.  Otherwise she is her usual boring, annoying, useless self, though I figure she’ll come in hand or obviously have an important role eventually.  It’s just annoying to have a seemingly useless character hanging around all the time, except for quasi-comedic relief.

As for the upcoming episode, I figure that Index, Toma, and Saiji will end up rescuing Orsola Aquinas, probably with the help of Stiyl whom will probably get disillusioned with the Church or something for trying to kill off Orsola instead of saving her.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Kaori made an entrance, saving everybody’s ass at the last minute either.