Letter Bee: Reverse – Episode 1

Pre-thoughts: This is the second half of a series that I watched, but didn’t blog, in the Spring. It was alright when I watched it, but there doesn’t seem to be much better to watch this season.

Show: Letter Bee: Reverse
Media: Crunchyroll, Episode 1 (series episode 26)

Cry, Baby, Cry

I’m trying to remember exactly what happened at the end of the last series, but in any case, Lag finally finds Gauche, only to find that he’s lost his memories, which Lag suspects is from losing his heart.  Worse, Gauche now works as a Marauder, doing the work of an anti-government group known as Reverse.  He is deponent over not being able to bring Gauche back, but is only chewed out by Sylvette of all people for being a crybaby.  Meanwhile, Niche feels like she’s a failure as Lag’s dingo.

Ah yes, I had almost forgotten how much of a crybaby Lag was.  I know it’s a running gag, but it’s already damn annoying.  In any case, they didn’t waste any time telling us who Gauche, now known as Noir, works for and what their aims are.  There isn’t really much more we can say about this episode at this point.  In any case, it looks like the next episode will be the Grand Adventure of Trying to Get Niche to put on Her Underwear Back On.