Working: Episodes 10 – 13

This finishes the second series I had been blogging from the spring 2010 season.

Series: Working!!
Media: Yus-m.3.3.w. Fansub (episodes 10 – 13)

I guess there wasn’t anything particularly special about these episodes.  Of course, there was the date episode at the end, but as is often the case with series based off of 4koma, there really wasn’t any sort of real resolution.  I was at least hoping that Inami would progress on her punching, though.  I realize it’s a running gag in the show, but at least have her hold hands with Souta.  Poplar, meanwhile, is once again largely relegated to the sideline, other than her crushing on cross-dressing Souta.

Also, no progress on Yachiyo and Jun, even though I thought there might be.  The only real progress that went on in the last four episodes is that Souta finally realized that he maybe, possible, might see Inami in a different way, though he clearly didn’t realize it as it was.  Again, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the characters largely remained static through the series (except, perhaps Inami, in regards to her feeling towards Souta) but it’d been nice to see something different.

The one character I did like through the series was Nazuna, as, not only was the best developed of the secondary characters, I think she might have been even more developed than some of the main characters like Aoi and Hiroomi, and I’m glad that we saw more of her in these episodes.  I also had to laugh in the last episode, that anonymous glasses waitress that we’ve seen around finally get some air time, and repeatedly makes her point and attempts to be “normal” and in the end, her desperate attempts to be and appear normal make the others think she’s weird.

For the series overall, I think it started out good, and it had quite a few laughs, but it really seemed like it stagnated towards the end.  They created a few new situations like tying Inami up and the date that put the running gags to use in ways they hadn’t before, but in the end, the show was still about Inami punching people and Poplar being small, with very deviation away from those plot points.

Again, I guess that’s not unusual for a series like this.  After all, how often did a series like Azumanga Daioh take advantage of the fact that Chiyo was a child genius and that Osaka was dense?  But I think in Azumanga’s case, there were so many characters with their own quirks, and the show took advantage of all of them, so none of them got that old.  And it was just done in a fresh way.  The problem in Working is that only Inami and Poplar had traits that they could really use repeatedly, and after a while, the freshness really ran out.  This wasn’t necessary a bad series, and if a second season came out, I’d consider watching it, but I think they could have done so much more with it than they did.