New Beginnings (sort of, hopefully)

Alright, I’m once again taking this blog back off life support (or, is it putting it back on life support after it flat-lined…again), this time with hopefully a somewhat new strategy as far as blogging.

Instead of doing lengthy episode reviews with several paragraphs and a big gallery of pictures, I think I’ll do reviews of…well…pretty much everything – episodes, DVDs, online episodes, whatever.  However, I plan on having these reviews be more of the shorter nature – instead of 24 pictures and 6 or 8 paragraphs or whatever it was before, I’m going to try to make them 1 picture and maybe only 2 or 3 paragraph, depending on the length of item I’m reviewing.

I’m also “clearing the slate” if you will, as far as old series.  What I mean by that is that I’m going to allow myself to talk about/review/whatever series I have already reviewed in the past.  I’ll keep all my old reviews and posts up as a sort of archive, but just because I’ve already reviewed, say, Kanon, doesn’t mean I might not go through and review it disk by disk as I rewatch it in the future.

That kind of brings me back to: what am I reviewing.  I kind of said what above, but to be more specific, I’m restarting my Netflix subscription so I can get DVDs that way again.  DVDs I get through there is one source I will write reviews from.  If I stream episodes online from Netflix (or Funimation or Crunchyroll for that matter), that is another source.  DVDs I own will be another, and then on top of this, new anime episodes currently airing in Japan.

With the exception of newly aired episodes (probably, though there might be exceptions, especially if I get behind), I’ll probably review episodes 4 to 6 at a time, whether that’s because that’s how many are on a DVD or just because I’m just taking them as such a group when watching them online.

This will let me do a few things

1) Actually write about series I’m currently watching without waiting until the very end.  One problem I had before with some series is that I’d watch it, but by the time I was done, I had forgotten half of what went on when trying to write a review of the series

2) It opens up the anime library that I own as a source of material for the blog

3) This still allows me to blog certain series that are airing.  Some series I might do an episode at a time, while others I may still do in groups of 2, 3, or 4 episodes, depending on the series.  That will give me some flexibility there as well.

Regarding other non-episode blogging portions of the site, such as anime dvd/manga releases and the anime credits…I don’t know.  The anime credits I’ll probably keep, if for no other reason than I like scouring YouTube for anime credit sequences I wouldn’t normally have seen otherwise.  For the new releases…It’s sort of useful for me I guess, but if no one else cares about it, it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Ultimately, my goal is to post somewhere around 3 posts a week (hopefully at a minimum).  Of course, if there are any editorial topics I randomly feel like writing about, or news stories I see that I want to chime in on, I’ll write about those as I always have.

I had planned on renaming my blog with a new URL and everything, and while I guess I could have done it at the same time as this restart, I thought I’d do one thing at a time for now.


One thought on “New Beginnings (sort of, hopefully)

  1. ‘It opens up the anime library that I own as a source of material for the blog’
    That’s exactly what I have been doing till now.
    Great to have you back and blogging :)

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