Reassessing My Blogging

This blog has been kind of going through some hiccups recently with me going on hiatus, coming back for a while, going on hiatus again, me coming back, and so on, and it seems to hit another hiatus point now.

I don’t necessarily want to give up anime blogging, but it seems episode blogging is just not giving me the motivation to keep doing it it seems.  I’m able to go at it for a while, but eventually I either just get bored of the series I’m blogging, or don’t have the motivation/time/whatever to actually do write-ups of the episodes.  And once I get behind on those, everything else seems to go downhill with it.

So I guess I’m going to do a bit of soul searching as far as my blogging is concerned.  I’ll keep this blog up (as in online) for the time being but I’m going to reassess how/how often/what I blog to see if I can come up with something that works for me better.  I hate to post less often, so I don’t know about doing some sort of omnibus type posts, and I just don’t know if I watch anime enough to effectively keep up the blog via editorials only.  But I’ll try to come up with something.


10 thoughts on “Reassessing My Blogging

  1. I kinda thought something was up when you stopped blogging about the aniblog tournament. I was sad to see to you stop since I enjoyed the quality, constructive comments. I wanted to something similar but was worried about the flak I’d get so I didn’t.

    Soul searching is always a good thing to do, no matter the circumstances. I was thinking that it might help you if you think about who you write your blog posts for and what they want out of a blog.

    For me, I watch just about every single series of the current anime season so I don’t spend time reading blogs where they primarily summarize the episode. If I haven’t seen the episode in question – I don’t want to be spoiled – and if I have – I don’t want to read an account of a show I’ve already seen.

    This leaves three types of blogs I follow. Specialty blogs like Anime Instrumentality Blog or hasihime; episodic blogs that focus on reactions, thoughts, and comments like blogsuki or kurogane; and blogs that are run by interesting people (and liable to stray from anime from time-to-time for something that strikes their fancy) like Kitsune’s Thoughts, Black and Blue Socks, Simplicity, and Chizumatic.

    Whatever you decide, I hope you continue blogging; I hate to see long running blogs disappear.

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  3. Episodic blogging can be tiring, but I managed to change my format to prevent that from happening. I keep summarizing at a minimum since it’s a bit time consuming and most probably watched the show (or just reading to see if the show is interesting enough and don’t want the show to be spoiled)”. Just go straight to your thoughts and that’s it. This is what most are doing.

    Nowadays, I usually make one post a day. If I don’t feel like updating, I can just put it off another day and do something else like play video games or something to relieve the stress. Don’t be pressured to update every day… Take your time and make posts at a confortable rate.

    It would be sad if you stopped since you have done rather good work in the past. But then again, it’s your decision.

  4. Saying that I want you to continue blogging might put more pressure on your shoulders, so I won’t do that. Oh wait, I just said that :P

  5. Looks I outlasted you, for now at least. Who knew.

    Are you going to update the ABT bracket at least?

  6. it seems episode blogging is just not giving me the motivation to keep doing it

    That’s why I don’t do them, that’s why I hate them (amongst other reasons).

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  8. Josh,

    I agree with some of the above in that, since I watch anime only by series and not in sporadic episodes, summaries aren’t really my thing either. But that doesn’t mean you should leave aniblogging! You’ve amassed a really impressive set of insightful anime and manga reviews. There’s always room for more though. You can read and watch more, get suggestions of interesting animes from other websites and blogs, and continue posting regular reviews. You have a lot of loyal followers, you just need some fresh content!

  9. I feel you are over-thinking this whole thing, You are doing fine, you need a break from blogging just like everyone else, just write reviews when you finish the episode, don’t turn it into a job, we come back to read what you think of each episode, we don’t expect you to have them all done when we arrive.

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