Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 45

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 45, and Sakura fights to defeat the final Clow Card: the Earthy Card. She’s finally able to do so by using Wood after noticing that Earthy isn’t attacking any place with trees. However, upon sealing Earthy, Yui appears to administer the Final Judgment upon Shaoran and Sakura.

Oooh boy, here we go.

While Earthy was quite a destructive card, and it was impervious to many of the other elemental cards (the Watery Card did nothing, and while Sakura didn’t use Firey, Kero’s fire attack didn’t do anything either), it seemed to be pretty easy to capture once Sakura figured out that it wasn’t attacking any place to trees.  All in all, this was probably the easiest of the three elemental cards that Sakura actually had to capture.

We also (finally) get to see Kero’s true form after Earthy’s capture.  I can understand now why Kero said that it would be even more impossible for him to hang out with Sakura’s friends in his true form in a previous episode.  He is rather conspicuous being all lion-y and all.  I assume that, since it’s his true form, Kero would have much greater magical powers (and I think he said as much in an earlier episode).  Unfortunately for Sakura, he finally returned to his true form after it would have been of any real help.

Next, we have Yukito, aka Yue’s alter-ego. As Keroberos notes, he seems to have a pretty nasty attitude, and was pretty ruthless towards Shaoran during his Final Judgment. Since it appears that Yue can hijack any card under the Moon, that would appear to put using Windy or Watery or any of the cards under them out of the question.

That would probably leave in play several attack cards such as Arrow, Fight, Firey, Power, Shot, and Sword, though one has to wonder how aggressively Sakura will go after Yue, knowing that Yukito is his alter-ego. The list of cards that might presumably be under Firey or Earthy which could be used for attack, but not be too harmful while being potentially effective doesn’t seem very long. Wood might possibly be under Earthy, and Sakura just used it against Earthy, so that may be the best candidate to use.

Also remember, Dash, Dream, Freeze, Return, Sand, Storm, Sweet, Time, and Twin are unavailable to Sakura, since Shaoran captured them. However, Freeze and Storm would seem to logically be under Windy or Watery, making them unavailable, and it would be hard to see how Dash, Dream, Return, Sweet, or Twin would be useful. About the only card that could conceivably be of any use that Shaoran had would have been Sand, since I’m assuming it’s under Earthy (no wonder Shaoran lost so badly).

Finally, we have Ms. Mizuki, who still apparently has a role to play.  Obviously she isn’t Yui, so that isn’t it, which begs the question, what is it?

Cards Captured: Earthy
Card Count: 52