Angel Beats – Episode 10

It’s Angel Beats episode 10, and Otonashi decides to try to heal Yui first, figuring that she’d probably be the easiest. However, she ends up being a tougher nut to crack than Otonashi thought. However, Otonashi ends up getting help from an unlikely person.

So it looks like that either Hinata either figured all along what the purpose of the world was, or figured out what Otonashi was up to and realized that he was right. It’s possible that Hinata had figured it all out when he had his own near-disappearance moment earlier in the series, and just didn’t want to say anything.

Things will be a bit easier now with two people working with Kanade instead of just Otonashi. However, the primary problem I still see is this: given that Yuri’s hang up has to do with not being able to protect her flock, so to speak, it’s hard to see how having all of her followers disappear is going to make it any easier to allow her to disappear when it finally comes down to that. In reality, having Yuri disappear sooner rather than later would make sense, but that doesn’t make for good TV.

Personally, I’m not to horribly sad that Yui is gone. I found her to be a rather irritating character, though she developed more depth in this episode than probably all the previous episodes, combined. Yui didn’t necessarily have a tragic life, in the sense that Yuri did, but it was still rather sad. Being hit by a car and becoming a quadriplegic when you’re young would make a lot of people regret not being able to do things that other kids could do. Once again, we never see how she actually died, and Yui seemed pretty healthy, given her condition.

At least Hinata’s true feelings for her are finally revealed. However, GirlDeMo has certainly taken a hit, with both of it’s last two lead singers disappearing.

Otonashi’s plans may have to wait, though, with the odd occurance at the end of the episode, with Noda defeating the “shadow.” Does this have something to do with Angel’s remerging, or is it perhaps the next stage in Otonashi’s plan, somehow, this time to disappear Noda? It was presented as being more ominous than that at the end of the episode, though.

It’s kind of funny to say this about a series whose entire setting is a supernatural world, but there hasn’t been very much what would traditionally be considered supernatural things that occur. Yuri and her group fight with guns and, when it comes down to it, Kanade is basically fighting with technology that allows her to do the things she does. However, there aren’t ghosts or demons or things like that flying around.

That’s why I have my doubts that this “shadow” is something of that nature. I figure it’s either a side-affect of all the evil Kanades, a side-affect of some new technology Kanade is creating (it’s clear that Otonashi is suggesting she make new things), or something Kanade (or someone else) is intentionally doing with the already presented abilities of the world.

2 thoughts on “Angel Beats – Episode 10

  1. For some reason, I can’t help but think that this anime is incorporating the concept of the alternate world from Clannad, where things are constructed from your memories. If true, then I think that Yuri is the creator of the world they are in and that all of the recent developments that have shaken her notions of “truth” and trying to bring out God is what caused this shadow thing to appear. I may be well off base here, but that’s how I see things at present.

    As to Yui, I never disliked her and didn’t realize how much I did like her until this episode.

    • Well, I can agree with that. But, I don’t think that Yuri created the world herself. It’s just maybe that she was the one who stayed in the world longest than the others, and learning how’s things going around and understanding them in her own point of view.

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