Working!! – Episode 09

It’s Working!! episode 9, and we find out that the source of Inami’s man-bashing is her own father, who told baby-Inami that men were vicious, evil creatures (which of course backfired on him). However, he’s back from a trip and plans on visiting the restaurant. Inami is afraid that he’ll make her quit if he sees that she’s working with Souta and, a result, asks him to cross-dress for the day. He initially refuses, but is soon pressured into doing by the rest of the employees.

Yet another Souta x Inami episode, though this was pretty funny, and we finally learn the source of Inami’s man hate, which derived from the fact that her father spent 10 years making Inami think that all men were evil and all, even going so far as secretly putting weights in her bags so that she would get strong.

Of course, this backfired on him, and now she even hits him whenever he swings by. I’m also not entirely sure why he was doing this. Obviously he didn’t want her to be around guys, but I’m not sure if this was from some sort of musume-complex (or whatever the term is) that he had towards her or just extreme over-protection.

Ultimate Parenting Fail

In any case, Souta makes a pretty convincing trap, which I had to laugh at. He better be glad none of his sisters stopped by the restaurant while he was dressed like that, though I wouldn’t be shocked if some scenario occurred where that happened in the future. I’m also glad that he gave Inami’s father a piece of his mind. While Souta might be weird in some ways, he certainly isn’t a weak or pathetic character like some other anime male leads.

Meanwhile, Inami is in full on doki-doki mode over Souta, especially after his defense of her to her father. Souta is still oblivious to it (and the only one who is), but we’ll see for how long.

Ultimately, I think we’re too far down the Inami x Souta road for the series to ultimately go any other way. To suddenly pull the rug out and put Souta together with, say, Poplar, would, at this point, be chating, cruel, and flat out unrealistic. I thought at the very start of the series that it would be Poplar x Souta, or that there would at least be a love triangle. However, the love triangle has been between 3 other characters, and Souta’s relationship situation has been remarkably clean (if violent).

I think, at this point, any hope of this series having any further serious Poplar-centric episodes is dropping fast. They might find a reason to have one, but with 4 episodes to go, it would be hard to imagine the rest of the series not being about Inami and Souta, and perhaps on the side, Jun and Yachiyo. I’m sure we’ll have some funny restaurant antics thrown in, but as far as continuing plot lines, they’re really the only ones that really need a conclusion.