AniBlog Tournament: Round 3, Matches 1 – 4

In this round, I’ll keep the same 3 categories, but If I’ve already talked about some things I liked or didn’t like about a specific blog, I’m not sure how much I’ll really expand on it.  I may just do more of a “I like A over B because C” in this round.  If some people have made improvements, or I’ve noticed different things, then I may add them in.  I’ll see if I can expand on my Content section a little bit based on some feedback. I’ll see how well I can do with that.  I think I’ll also eliminate the Post Rate part of the review, to a large part because most of the blogs that don’t post much have already been weeded out, and those that haven’t probably are good enough to make up for it.

As usual, if you see me criticizing something about your blog, it’s nothing personal.  I tend to tear apart people’s websites when I do comparisons such as this, so just keep that in mind.  If you want my input about about the three categories I’m using, read the first page of this post.

Aniblog Tournament | HTML Bracket

Round 3, Day 1

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Match 1 – #1 Sea Slugs! Anime Blog vs. #33 The Cart Driver

Design: I don’t really have anything to add beyond what I said in the 2nd round.  I generally like Sea Slugs! better because of the wider design, and I think the overall design just looks cleaner than The Cart Driver.  I also like how the text is nice and big and easy to read on Sea Slugs.  The one thing I’ll add is that I still don’t really like the white links at the top on Sea Slugs, and when I was rolling over them, some of them I think have a sub-nav link which I almost missed because they just kind of pop out of nowhere.  I think The Cart Driver’s design is still pretty good.  I think it’s a little dark and a little narrow. Winner: Sea Slugs

Post Style: Post style seems to be pretty good on Sea Slugs.  There is some IPIP in the recap section, depending on the author, but overall I think the posts are laid out pretty neatly.  The Cart Driver sometimes has IPIP and sometimes doesn’t.  When they do, the paragraph size is at least usually long enough to make it not all that bad to read.  I think overall this section is a push.  Winner: Push

Content: Sea Slug’s episode reviews are generally well written and detailed thoughts about what happened in the episode, and what they think it means for the future of the series, and they all tended to be a pretty interesting read, and they also tend to be rather snarky while they’re at it (especially in the image captions).  I thought that the Cart Driver was a pretty good read as well.  I just think that Sea Slugs does a bit better job going in depth regarding what was going on during an episode, and the implications of it.  Winner: Sea Slugs

Overall: The Cart Driver was a pretty formidable opponent, as to be expected as it’s won two matches already, but I think Sea Slugs just does the good stuff a bit better.

Winner: Sea Slugs! Anime Blog

Match 2 -#17 Baka-Raptor vs. #49 Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog

Design: Hanners’ uses blogspot, so I can’t talk too much about the design, but I still sometimes feel like getting violent (well, not really) when seeing really huge banners like his.  It just needlessly pushes the content way down the page.  However, I think even considering that, I still just like the blog design better than Baka-Raptor.  I know he made a comment responding to some of my comments from the 2nd round, but I still kinda think some post preview is a necessity on a blog nowdays.  Winner: Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog

Post Style: I realize that part of this is just driven based on how Baka-Raptor does his posts, but I think the propensity of images when compared to text (and the IPIP) just makes his posts more difficult to read, at least to me. I also kind of thought that the olive-green text on the black background kind of wore on my eyes after a while (though the text being pretty big does help with that).  Hanners’ has a pretty standard (and more readable) 2 paragraph – image – 2 paragraphs+ posting format which I just found to be better.  Winner: Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog

Content: If there is one thing Baka-Raptor is good at, it’s is writing pretty biting satire posts, and is a rather interesting read.  It’s not necessarily my cup of tea, but some of the posts I still found personally pretty well done.  Hanners’ does a decent job doing episode writeup, though I think they write more their thoughts about the current episode, and don’t write as much about what they think the implications of the episode are to the future of the series (though they do some).  So I think I’ve got to give this one to Baka-Raptor.  Winner: Baka-Raptor

Overall: In this tournament, content is king, and while Hanners’ won two of the three categories, those don’t really determine who wins unless the content category is close enough for me to think that they should start being an influence.  While I think Hanners’ does a pretty good job, I just think Baka-Raptor does a better job with content and being creative.

Winner: Baka-Raptor

Round 3, Day 2

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Match 3 – #8 Tenka Seiha vs. #89 2-D Teleidoscope

Design: Neither blog design particularly thrills me in this match up.  Tenka Seiha kinda looks like something someone just kind of threw together, and as I remarked last week, 2-D has probably the most simplistic design in history.  2-D did fix a couple of the problems that I mentioned in the last round (adding an archive drop down and RSS link, though still no category or tag link that I can see), though one thing I’m noticing this time which I don’t think I did before is that I don’t think any of the posts have a “read more” link, which sometimes means a lot of scrolling for longer posts.  Tenka, however, doesn’t really have much of anything as far as an episode preview – usually 4 images and a short, snarky sentence.  I think overall, I’m making this one a push.  Winner: Push

Post Style: Tenka has a pretty standard post style, which is actually pretty similar to mine, so I can’t say too much about it lol.  2-D does a pretty good job intermixing pictures in with their posts without breaking the text up.  I don’t think there is very much here to differentiate these two blog’s post styles, but I think I’ll give the slight edge to 2-D for the image intermixing, just because it’s done well.  Winner: 2-D Teleidoscope

Content: Tenka does a pretty good job writing about this thoughts about the episode, but doesn’t seem to do too much regarding the implications of that episode for the future, which, if you haven’t noticed yet, I think is something which makes episode reviewing that much better.  While I’m not sure that 2-D is the best editorial blogger out there, they still write quite a bit of pretty interesting content, and writes it well.  And I just have to say…an OK episode blogger who writes two paragraphs per post vs. a pretty good editorial blogger, well, the editorial blogger will generally win that one.  Winner: 2-D Teleidoscope

Overall: If there is one thing I’ve learned so far, it’s when an OK-but-not-great episode review blog goes up against an editorial blog, unless the editorial blog just blows it, it’s probably going to win.  That’s not to say I’m anti episode blogging.  Far from it.  It’s just that I think it’s a lot easier to make content which is more compelling, at least on a post-by-post basis, if you’re doing editorials.  Of course, I think there are some episode bloggers that can hold their own against any editorial blog out there as well.  However, Tenka just didn’t seem to be one of them, and 2-D’s editorial content was pretty good.

Winner: 2-D Teleidoscope

Match 4 – #24 OGIUE MANIAX vs. #73 chaostangent

Design: Ogiue has a pretty simplistic design, though I think it’s executed pretty well, overall.  However, as I think I mentioned last week, chaostangent’s design is pretty sweet looking and done in an actual user-friendly way, which is a rare combination sometimes.  As a result, I’m giving design to chaostangent.  Winner: chaostangent

Post Style: Ogiue has a pretty standard and non-offensive post style from what I can tell.  Usually a single image or so, and the rest text.  No mucking up readability or anything.  chaostangent throws in a few images here and there to break up the text some, which I think is a nice thing to do when one’s articles have so much text.  I also still dig the little insert thing.  Winner: chaostangent

Content: I found Ogiue’s content to be pretty interesting, though I sometimes felt that they could expand on some of the things they were writing about a bit more than they did.  Some of their posts seemed a little shortish to me at times for a purely editorial blog.  Much as I thought last week, chaostangent is an extremely well written and in depth editorial blog.  Not to take away from what Ogiue does, but I think the type, quality, and amount of writing chaostangent has just blows it out of the water.  Winner: chaostangent

Overall: And it’s chaostangent with the first true sweep of the 3rd round.  I think people who vote for Ogiue Maniax just because they happen to visit it and aren’t familiar with chaostangent are really doing CT a disservice.

Winner: chaostangent