AniBlog Tournament: Round 2, Matches 29 – 32

As usual, if you see me criticizing something about your blog, it’s nothing personal.  I tend to tear apart people’s websites when I do comparisons such as this, so just keep that in mind.  If you want my input about about the three categories I’m using, read the first page of this post.

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This group of reviews might be kind of short, cause I don’t have much time to write them up. Sorry.

Round 2, Day 15

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Match 29 – #6 blogSuki vs. #59 Unmei Kaihen

Design: I’m not really one for blogSuki’s design.  I think they pull off the one-post-per-page thing as well as anyone can hope to, but it’s annoying to have to click to see each and every article.  Also, no category list. Search is at the bottom.  It’s laid out nice, but there are just some other things about it I don’t like.  Unmei Kaihen is on wordpress, so I can’t say too much about it, but there is nothing particularly wrong about it.  I don’t think it’d be enough to keep me from voting for it, if it came down to it, but I just don’t like the one-post-per-page thing blogSuki does.  Winner: Unmei Kaihen

Post Style/Rate: Neither site has a problem with post rate.  I like how blogSuki does the full-width image thing, but they have some IPIP going on as well.  I think Unmei Kaihen paces out his images a lot better. Winner: Unmei Kaihen

Content: I think this is a close call.  They both write good entertaining posts.  I might give the slight edge to blogSuki, though. Winner: blogSuki

Overall: I think how blogSuki does their blog, some of the weaknesses pointed out in the design and post style sections are minimized to a great extent, and I kind of feel like just ignoring those two sections because of that, which would give it to blogSuki by a nose on content.

Winner: blogSuki

Match 30 – #27 Bokutachi no Blog vs. #38 The null set

Design: Both use wordpress, so there is only so much I can say.  I guess I thought that Bokutachi’s sidebar was a little less cluttered, so I’ll go with them.  Winner: Bokutachi no Blog

Post Style/Rate: Bokutachi doesn’t have a problem with post rate.  The null set, however, does seem to. They have 7 posts in May, but they only have 4 in April, none in March, and 4 in February.  Bokutachi has some IPIP going on, though.  I like The null set’s post style better, so I think that cancels out the post rate issue. Winner: Push

Content: Bokutachi seems to be all over the place as far as their posting style (even for the same author).  Sometimes it’s a long recap with a paragraph of review. Sometimes it’s seemingly all review. Sometimes it’s something else.  I just kind of think that The null set writes more per post, writes more consistent, and writes slightly better.  Winner: The null set

Overall: Since the first two categories were effectively equal, winner of content wins.

Winner: The null set

Round 2, Day 16

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Match 31 – #22 Atarashii Prelude vs. #86 Desu ex Machina

Design: Atarashii Prelude has a pretty good design concept overall, I think, though I’m coming to dislike these “featured content” things at the top, just because they usually don’t actually say or do anything useful most of the time.  Also, category list is awfully low on the page. And can you have more ads, please?  Dexu ex Machina uses a somewhat common theme, however.  Despite that, while I think Atarashii definitely has the better design concept, I think some of the smaller things just started to add up.  Winner: Desu ex Machina

Post Style/Rate: Atarashii only has 6 posts since the start of April which is not very good.  Desu ex Machine doesn’t post a whole lot, but they at least posts more than Atarashii does.  Neither blog has any particular problem with post style, though Desu does seem to do some IPIP in their K-ON posts.    I’m not sure it’s enough to make up for the post rate, though.  Winner: Desu ex Machina

Content: While Atarashii Prelude doesn’t post much, what they do post seems pretty interesting for the most part.  Desu has some interesting stuff, though I think the post more non-anime related posts than I might be happy with.  I think on this one, I’ll give a slight edge to Atarashii. Winner: Atarashii Prelude

Overall: So this is another case of quality of content per post vs. post rate.  I think I liked Atarashii’s content more, and while Desu ex Machina posts more, I don’t know if they post that much more.

Winner: Atarashii Prelude

Match 32 – #11 Anime Diet vs. #75 Anime Princess

Design: Anime Diet definitely has a snazzy design, and unlike some of the other snazzy designs I’ve seen, this one is actually somewhat user friendly (though they do have one of those featured content things).  Anime Princess’s design is OK, but nowhere near Anime Diet’s.  Winner: Anime Diet

Post Style/Rate: Anime Diet has no problem with post rate, while Anime Princess does, posting, I think I counted 11 times since the start of April.  Anime Diet’s posts seem rather sparse on the images, but otherwise seem to be OK.  Anime Princess looks OK too in some posts, so they look like they do some IPIP in some others.  I think overall this section goes to Anime Diet as well.  Winner: Anime Diet

Content: Anime Diet seemed to be rather wordy in their posts, and both blogs seemed to have a somewhat similar level of quality, so I’ll throw this one to Anime Princess by a nose.  Winner: Anime Princess

Overall: I think the win by Anime Princess in content was very narrow, while I think Anime Diet’s win in the other categories were much bigger.  Probably enough to overcome the things I didn’t like about their content.

Winner: Anime Diet

So that wraps up Round 2!


6 thoughts on “AniBlog Tournament: Round 2, Matches 29 – 32

  1. Hmm, the featured post is there just to coax people in clicking them, but I guess it really didn’t give readers an idea of what it is about. The categories are all the way there due to the size of my blogroll, I might have to fix that eventually, and as for the ads, well, does saying that I’m from a business major enough?

  2. Congratulations on winning your match-up. I, for one, appreciate the amount of work you’ve put into constructively reviewing every blog in the tournament so far and voted for you as a result. (And did so before reading this post.)

    I’m glad you liked my post style, it’s something I tried to work on based on feedback you and others gave during the first round.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Josh! Yeah, we tend to like our long wordy articles :) I try to keep things under 1000 words myself but I think in part our audience likes lengthier articles. But brevity is the soul of wit, as they say, and we’ll take that to heart. Thanks again :)

  4. ahhhhhhhhhh I know that the posting style criticism on Bokutachi no Blog’s post is directed to me. Well, I relatively new to it and I’m trying to keep each series different, but most of the time it’s synopsis + thoughts with screencaps in between. But yeah, I have to work on the shaping of my posts…

    but it’s a bit unfair that you point out that null set writes more whereas we POST more.
    Assuming i post 30+ per month with 500 words each and null set posts 4-5 posts per month with 1000 words each, it still shows that I write more. If I had a week to write each post I would write more too. XD

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