Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 43

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 43, and Meilin gets a call telling her that it’s time to go home. However, Meilin feels like Shaoran doesn’t care for her and they get into a big fight. Sakura invites Meilin over for the night to try to help situation when the Twin card shows up. However, only Meilin and Shaoran working together are able to defeat it.

Whaaa! Meilin left! It was so much fun having her around too. But I guess this means we’re nearing the end if we’re starting to get rid of major characters. At least Meilin was able to have a few nice moments with Shaoran before she left, though I think that the day that Shaoran finds someone he likes more than her is going to end up coming far sooner than Meilin would like.

I also like that we got to see a tad into Shaoran and Meilin’s past, since we haven’t really heard very much about it up to this point. It’s nice to see a story have someone fall in love with someone that wasn’t love a first sight, since that seems to often be the case.

Twin was a pretty nasty card to try to capture, since there were two parts, and you had to immobilize both parts at once. I guess Sakura could have done it with two cards, such as maybe Firey and Watery, if she used two attack cards, or maybe Wood and Windy if she used two binding cards, but it still would have been tricky to pull off.  Having Shaoran and Meilin there who can predict each other’s moves without needing to communicate was a pretty handy.

Cards Captured: Twin
Card Count: 51


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  1. This was one of the other episodes I didn’t like the card aspect of. When I first watched this, I figured Twin was designed for Mei Lin and Syaoran to capture by the anime writers. When I finally read the manga, I found how right I was. ^_^;;;

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