AniBlog Tournament: Round 2, Matches 25 – 28

As usual, if you see me criticizing something about your blog, it’s nothing personal.  I tend to tear apart people’s websites when I do comparisons such as this, so just keep that in mind.  If you want my input about about the three categories I’m using, read the first page of this post.

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Round 2, Day 13

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Match 25 – #3 Kurogane’s Anime Blog vs. #62 _____ism

Design: OK, well, I can at least do a review of Kurogane’s blog, but for _____ism, he appears to be trolling right now, so I may need to rely on my not-as-thorough 1st round writeup for him.  In any case, Kurogane doesn’t exactly have the most beautiful design out there, but it works.  I thought they had some stuff at the top of their sidebar (page links, twitter feed, etc.) which may belong further down (like, below the category list) but that’s my main complaint there. (though one big reason why he may have decided to push that down was because it was so long).  For ___ism, well, this is what I had to say in the first round: “I know that the design is probably meant to be quirky, but still…”  OK, not very informative.  Since I didn’t seem thrilled with ____ism’s design in the first round, and since I kind Kurogane’s functional, if not a bit land, I’ll go with Kurogane. Winner: Kurogane’s Anime blog

Post Rate/Style: No post rate problem for Kurogane.  Unfortunately, they seem to indulge in the IPIP style, except for usually the final review at the end of their episode review posts.  In the first round, I had issues with ______ism’s post rate, and that still holds true, with only 3 posts in May, including the current troll post.  They might win on post style, but I think Kurogane wins this section on post rate. Winner: Kurogane’s Anime Blog

Content: Pretty much doing the trolling that _____ism is doing I think causes him to auto-lose this anyway, but even taking that out of the equation, while Kurogane sometimes has a somewhat questionable amount of content on some of his posts, but they still write pretty good.  ____ism I think mostly posts gag posts which, maybe temporarily funny, I’m not sure how much I’d feel like following their blog over it.  So I think on both quality and amount of content (and for non-trolling), Kurogane gets this.  Winner: Kurogane’s Anime Blog

Overall: Sweeps are easy. And don’t feed the trolls.

Winner: Kurogane’s Anime Blog

Match 26 – #30 Mono no Aware vs. #35 Astrobunny

Design: Mono no Aware certainly has one of the more unique blog designs out there, I thought.  I guess my main thought is that it looks like something is missing in their design (though upon closer inspection, it’s supposed to look that way).  I’m kind of unsure myself if that’s good or bad.  It just kind of looks….weird.  Astrobunny’s design is as artsy, though in a different way.  I don’t know about the double sidebars, though I certainly understand having double sidebars, since I’ve experimented with them in the past (though they were on the same side of the design).  I like the nice picture in the banner (even if it’s a bit big), but I just think MnA’s is a bit slicker.  Winner: Mono no Aware

Post Rate/Style: I haven’t seen this since the first round, I don’t think: a battle between pretty infrequently posting blogs.  Mono no Aware has 3 posts in May, and 9 posts since the start of April.  Astrobunny has gotten a lot better since the first round, though, having 9 posts in May after having only 3 in April.  As far as post style, I think Mono no Aware does a pretty good job, while Astrobunny suffers from IPIP disease.  I think the difference in post rate and difference in post style kind of balance each other out here.  Winner: Push

Content: When it comes to amount of content, there is no contest in this one, since Mono no Aware posts more per post and, I think even though they’ve posted less frequently lately, still has quite a bit more overall content as well.  From what I can tell, their writing style and quality seems comparable, which means I’m pretty much always going to take the one with more content, unless there is a really good reason not to (and there isn’t in this case).  Winner: Mono no Aware

Overall: I still haven’t exactly pinned down what, exactly, Mono no Aware blogs about most of the time, since i only took a somewhat brief look at their blog (and this was my first time visiting), but it seemed pretty interesting.

Winner: Mono no Aware

Round 2, Day 14

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Match 27 – #19 Mainichi Anime Yume vs. #46 Memories of Eternity

Design: Well, I’ve tried not to be too tough, especially on the design aspects since I could probably rip just about any webpage’s design to shreds, but Mainichi Anime Yume’s design is, well, not very good I didn’t think.  It looks like they used some sort of default template, which maybe I could understand if they were using some little used and no-longer updated blogging software, but they’re using WordPress, and apparently on their own hosted domain, which basically means I leave them no excuse for not using a at least somewhat decent theme, even if it’s a commonly used one.  But as it is..the banner clearly seems to be too wide for the theme, pushing down the gradients along the side of the design down the page and, well, that’s just the start.  Memories of Eternity doesn’t necessarily have a flashy design, but it’s still pretty well done.  Winner: Memories of Eternity

Post Rate/Style: MAY doesn’t seem to have a problem with post rate, which is good.  Meanwhile, Memories of Eternity, while they’ve posted twice in the past week, only have 6 posts since the start of April.  Both blogs seem to have pretty similar posting styles, so I’ll go with the post rate on this one.  Winner: Mainichi Anime Yume

Content: I thought both blogs has pretty good writing, though I think I kind of liked Memories of Eternity a bit better. And they had prettier pictures lol.  Other than that, I’m not sure what more I can add for this category.  Winner: Memories of Eternity

Overall: I spent a lot of time deciding between these two blogs, but I think perhaps the content on Memories of Eternity that I liked a bit better, plus the more attractive design, ultimately lead me to them.

Winner: Memories of Eternity

Match 28 – #14 SNAG Vs. World vs. #51 Eye Sedso

Design: SNAG has a pretty simplistic design, though I’d be nice to see categories/tags a litter higher on the page, but other than being very white, I don’t think there is anything too bad about it.  Eye Sedso has a decent design, I guess, though I don’t see any sort of category listing at all.  It’s also dark, but I guess it’s OK.  Both of these blogs are kind of in the “OK” design category I guess.  However, if you click on the nav links…you get nice 404 erros.  Oops.  While I think I might like SNAG’s design a hair more, having your main nav links going to 404 pages is a rather big no-no.  Winner: Eye Sedso

Post Rate/Style: Both blogs post at a good rate, so that’s a non-factor.  I guess I like SNAG’s post style a bit better, since Eye Sedso seems to have some IPIP.  However, it’d be nice if SNAG checked any YouTube videos he embedded to make sure that they don’t bust his page.  Winner: SNAG Vs. World

Content: Both blogs seemed to have some interesting content, though I think SNAG might be a bit more thoughtful, and while SNAG appears to have some posts which are questionably related to anime directly, Eye Sedso appears to have more posts like that.  I think just overall, I like SNAG’s amount of type of content more.  Winner: SNAG Vs. World

Overall: I think SNAG could do a lot better paying attention to detail sometimes (the nav links, the YouTube videos) but I think they do a pretty good job.  Eye Sedso is certainly entertaining at times, but I just thought SNAG was a hair better.

Winner: SNAG Vs. World


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  1. The reason my blog design looks the way it does is because, when I signed up for WordPress using the blogging tool on my domain, it only offered me limited templates and I don’t know how to make/edit my own (I know nothing about CSS if that’s what’s needed). I had to figure out how to put the banner and Twitter sidebar on myself which, for someone with my limited site design skills, you can see the less than perfect result. But regardless, it’s simple and works for me…I’m hoping people look at the actual content more than the design.

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