Angel Beats – Episode 08

It’s Angel Beats episode 8, and the new Angel battles Kanade, gravely injuring her. Yuri thinks all this was caused by Kanade using her harmonics power, which split her into two in the last episode. Yuri tries rewriting Kanade’s program, so that the clone will return to Kanade after 10 seconds, but it will require Kanade to use her power again. However, before they can get Kanade to do that, Angel kidnaps her and brings her to the lowest level of the old Guild.

Gah! Stupid cliffhangers! Well, one of my guesses from last week was sort of right, in that this new Angel was a clone, and after someone suggested that it might have been from her using her harmonics power, I pretty much figured that was probably it.

So now the question is, what did the one clone mean that Kanade would have to “pay” for re-absorbing all of the clones her original clone made? Was it just the obvious pain she was in when absorbing them, or does it mean that their consciousness will battle with, if not take over, her own? Obviously that would be pretty bad since that would make Kanade permanently bad.

Another lesson in this could be that Yuri shouldn’t mess with things she doesn’t understand, lest she make the situation possibly worse. I had thought all along, once I saw her messing with Kanade’s computer, “how is this going to backfire?” Also, while Yuri was in there altering Harmonics, why didn’t she disable her other powers while she was at it, just so they wouldn’t have to face them while fighting the clones? I know she said she didn’t want to muck around too much, but still…

This series has kind of gone away from people disappearing, as was the focus for maybe the first 4 episodes, to more of a story between Kanade and Otonashi (and to an extent, Yuri) since then. Yes, they’re still worried about vanishing, there we haven’t had anyone in imminent danger of disappearing for a while. And with the cliffhanger, that trend looks like it will continue.

In any case, I had to kind of laugh at the Battlefront’s solution to getting past all the cloned Kanade’s, but if she were really smart, she would have gone all Agent Smith on them, and just grossly outnumbered them. Unless her plan all along was to get reabsorbed?


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  1. Well, speaking of “Yuri shouldn’t mess with things she doesn’t understand, lest she make the situation possibly worse.” The easy theory is she doesn’t trust what she can’t explain.
    Am I right? Or otherwise
    You decide
    Anyway, great post. Keep up the good work!

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