Support JAB in the AniBlog Tournament!

Yes, it is finally that time…Josh’s Anime Blog’s turn in 5camp’s AniBlog Tournament.  It’s been a long wait, but this blog’s fateful day is finally here! It’s time to vote! (and while you’re at it, vote in all the other open polls too, as well as visit my opposition’s blog.)

Vote CLAMP for Congress...and JAB for AniBlog Tournament!

2 thoughts on “Support JAB in the AniBlog Tournament!

  1. Good luck in the tourney!

    After plowing through the contents of both your blog and your competition, I have to say that I enjoy your style along with the things you cover.

    You got my vote :)

  2. I always read your blog for additional information that I have missed out, and always liked your blog. So, you got my vote after I looked through your opponent’s blog (which I find the design needlessly complicated and confusing)

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