Working!! – Episode 06

It’s Working!! episode 6, and it’s White Day, so it’s time for the boys to return gifts to the girls at the restaurant. Souta gives Inami her gift of new hair clips via a “magic hand.” Meanwhile, Souta has more adventures at home, including watching videos of him when he was little (and dressed like a girl), dealing with Inami and Kazue fighting, and trying to balance the family budget. We also get our first glimpse of Inami’s house as well.

For a show called Working!! there was awfully little actual working in this episode, though I guess we did have a bit of change of pace in this episode, which was nice. Most of this episode was spent with Souta and his four sisters.

Interestingly, I think his youngest sister, Nazuna, might be the most well developed of his four sisters. While Kozue has mostly been shown as a loser drunk, and Inami has been shown as a loser writer, Nazuna has been shown to have a nice side as well as a somewhat mischievous side. I find her to easily be the most intriguing of the non-regular characters so far. I doubt we’ll see very much of her, just because she’s the youngest, and least crazy, of Souta’s sisters, though.

We see more of Inami today, but not a single punch is thrown, which is another nice change. However, I’m sure Souta’s “magic hand” was a major reason for it. It’s a rather brilliant idea, if you think about it, though, and perhaps finally Souta and Inami’s relationship will progress some with him not being punched repeatedly.

Unfortunately, we see minimal Poplar in this episode, with Souta only making fun of her because of her ultra-formal speak after getting a White Day present.

Finally, we finally get a first peek at Inami’s mother, so maybe we’ll get to see a bit more of Inami’s life starting from this episode. Inami also met Souta’s eldest sister, Kazue, and is kind of feeling less confident since both Kazue and Kozue are taller and “bigger” than she is. I wonder what she’ll feel when she meets, Nazuna, who is probably about the same height and size as she is…but is about 6 years younger.