Restarting Reviews / Re-Reviews

I’m going to start posting some new reviews and posting re-reviews of some of the older series I’ve already reviewed pretty soon again. I’ll be updating my review page format so that hopefully it will be done a little more efficiently. I still have a long way to go before converting all my percentage reviews over to 5-point reviews, and I still have several series that I need to review for the first time as well.

For series that I’ve already reviewed on the 5-point scale, I guess I’ll start converting them over to the new format one by one as well. One of the things that I want to try to start doing, and hopefully I can do it pretty effectively despite canceling Netflix, is to watch older series. However, since Funimation and Section23 have many of their series online, and some other series being on Crunchyroll, I hope I can see most of them. The big hole in that, however, are probably Media Blasters, Bandai, and Right Stuf since they don’t, that I’m aware of, have sites streaming their shows yet, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable enough quite yet to restart Netflix again just for those titles. I should have enough titles in the meantime to watch, though.

One last thing: while before, when I did a re-review, I just rewrote the old review post and wrote a post with a link to it, I think from now on, I’ll just write a brand new post. I’ll keep the old post, but the link from the Anime Reviews page will go to the new post, and I’ll put a link in the old post linking to the new one as well.


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