Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 41

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 41, and it’s time for the school festival, and Sakura’s class is doing the play “Sleeping Beauty.”  However, Sakura lands the role of the Prince while Shaoran ends up as the Princess.  The pair sees Yukito, who says he’s looking forward to the play, so the pair decide to practice together before school the next day.  However, when they arrive, The Sand card attacks, and the pair has to work together to capture it, with Sakura using Watery on it and Shaoran freezing it with Freeze.  The card can’t decide who to go to, but Sakura ends up giving it to Shaoran in return for him giving her the Cloudy card from before.

This episode made Ms. Mizuki seem increasingly suspicious, as the Sand card appears to have left the shrine. If she is in fact controlling when and where the remaining Cards strike, that would obviously explain how she appears to be aware that one is about to appear, even before they do. It would also support Shaoran’s feeling that she is someone of great power, since it would presumably take someone like that to control unsealed Clow Cards like that. This is further supported by the fact that Shaoran is noticing that cards seem to keep attacking when no one else is around, which is pretty convenient for them.

Ms. Mizuki, on two occasions in this episode, also remarked that something will happen very soon. Presumably this is whatever is going to happen at Tokyo Tower, but it still doesn’t tell us what, exactly.

It looks like the play itself will be in the next episode. That should be fun, especially since Shaoran looks like he’s about to freak out during the kiss-and-wake-up scene.

Cards Captured: Sand
Card Count: 48