AniBlog Tournament: Round 1 Statistics

So, voting for Round 1 of the AniBlog Tourney is finally complete (full HTML bracket here).  About halfway through the first round, I started collecting stats for each of the match-ups in the tournament to see what some of the numbers are, so this is where I’ll show what I’ve collected so far.  I present these numbers as they are, without making any judgments about what they mean.

The first round had 32 matches.  Over these matches, there were a grand total of 6,485 votes cast, resulting in an average of 202.7 votes cast per match.  The most voted upon match was Match #11 between Canne’s Anime Review and Colony Drop, with 480 total votes cast.  The least voted on match was Match #23, between Cross Channel and Gelotaku9, which had a total of 101 votes cast.

Perhaps not unexpectedly, the number of votes per match declined as the first round went on.  The first 8 matches averaged 259.9 votes per match, matches 9 – 16 averaged 228.5 votes, matches 17 – 24 averaged 186.5 votes, while matches 25 – 32 averaged 135.8 votes.

The average vote per match was 124.4 for the winner and 78.2 for the loser, with an average margin of 46.2 votes.  The top 5 winning vote getting blogs in the first round were Canne’s Anime Review (254), Hanner’s Anime Blog (231), AstroNerdBoy (209), Cart Driver (201), and Calamitous Intent (173).  Colony Drop also garnered 226 votes in a losing effort.

The top 5 closest matches in vote margin were Caraniel’s Ramblings over 見ないで! ひとり言 (2 votes), Just as Planned over Moe Check (4 votes), Cross Channel over Gelotaku9 (5 votes), Anime Princess over Chikorita157’s Anime Blog (6 votes), and Oishii Anime over Metanorn (7 votes).  The largest absolute vote margin was by Hanner’s Anime Blog over wat you say (144 votes).

The average percentage per match was 62.1% for the winner and 37.9% for the loser, with an average margin of 24.2%.  The top 5 percentage getters were eye sedso (81%), Memories of Eternity (80%), Astrobunny (76%), and 2-D Teleidoscope and Hanner’s Anime Blog (73% each).

The top 5 closest matches based on percentage of the vote were Caraniel’s Ramblings over 見ないで! ひとり言 (0.9%), Just as Planned over Moe Check (2%), Oishii Anime over Metanorn (3.7%), Anime Princess over Chikorita157’s Anime Blog (3.8%), and Cross Channel over Gelotaku9 (5%).  The largest percent margin was 62% by eye sed so over Densetsu no Shounen A.

Now, onto how I did in picking blogs in the first round, and I will be a little bit more free with editorial comments here (standard disclaimers apply).  I made picks for each of the 32 matches, and out of those 32 matches, the blog I voted for went 23 – 9, which I guess is decent, though that was who I thought should win, not who I thought will win.  Two of the matches in which I voted against the majority I really thought the majority just plain got wrong.

The first match was Blue Blue Wave against Fuzakenna!.  The reason for this is that I really didn’t think that Fuzakenna! had better content than Blue Blue Wave (I didn’t think it was worse either. They were comparable), but Blue Blue Wave was pretty much superior in almost every other way (design, layout, etc.).  Fuzakenna! seemed to win largely from the fact that more people know of their blog, which I guess isn’t a bad reason to vote for them.  But I thought on a straight up, unbiased review between the two, Blue Blue Wave was pretty easily the better blog out of the two.

The other match up isn’t really one that I would have considered an upset by their merely losing, but the margin shocked me, and that was Astrobunny’s Blog winning over Anime Void 76% to 24% (the 3rd largest margin of the first round).  When I inquired in the comments section why Astrobunny’s Blog was winning by such a margin, someone responded by saying its content.  Well, my response to that is this: what about its content makes it in any way superior (much less that much more superior) than Anime Void?  They’ve started posting more frequently now, but as of the time of voting, they had 12 posts total since the start of March (8 in March, 3 in April, 1 in May).  They do look like they had a good February, but even beyond number of posts, the actual amount of written content on posts was minimal, maybe two paragraphs all told average per post, and often not even that much.  I have no problem that they won.  It was a close choice for me. But winning by 52%? Really? And because of clearly superior content? Give me a break.  Unfortunately I won’t be surprised if we see more of this in the 2nd round now that we have some of the bigger blogs coming up, with people reflexively voting for them just because of who they are.  I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

Otherwise, I thought the first round went pretty well.  The other 7 matches that I disagreed with the majority were ones that, while I did disagree, they were generally close choices for me as well so I don’t have any real problem with the results.


5 thoughts on “AniBlog Tournament: Round 1 Statistics

  1. Can’t wait to see if there are any upsets in the second round. I think quite a few matches have upset potential (hopefully not the the one SSAB is in, though =3).

    Thanks for maintaining the HTML bracket, too. It’s much easier to read than the giant image bracket.

  2. It was a pretty close match, but from my experience in the Aniblog Tourney, I really need to fix my grammar issues in my writing.

    Anyways, I can’t wait to review the next waves of blogs in Round 2. I will also have more time since the finals will be over by the time I start posting my next voting digest on this Thursday, so probably I can go more in depth with content, which I couldn’t do in Round 1 due to time constraints.

  3. Hehe. Without totally giving away how I voted, I agree with most of your picks.
    Round 2 should be interesting. Looking forward to your predictions. I honestly have little idea how it’s going to end up.

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