Is Go! Comi Dead? [Updated]

Thanks to @Sonicbug on twitter (via @calaggie) for noting that Go! Comi’s domain has apparently expired. The GoDaddy page in it’s place says that “This domain name expired on 05/08/2010 and is pending renewal or deletion,” so it only expired yesterday.

A WhoIs search for the domain shows that it was indeed registered by “Go Media Entertainment” on May 8, 2005, and the registration expired on May 8, 2010, but hasn’t been updated since February 27, 2008, meaning that they had bought the name for at least 3 years (May 2007 – May 2010), and it’s quite possible they bought it for a 5 year span back in 2005.

The fact that Go! Comi has been having problems isn’t anything new, but whenever a company starts blaming piracy for their financial problems, that’s probably a sure sign that the problems are much deeper than that. (I’m not saying that piracy and scanlations aren’t an issue, but they are unlikely to, singlehandedly, bring down a company.  However, it’s an easy excuse to give fans and possible investors without having to say what the real problems are).

Perhaps just as ominous, Go! Comi’s twitter account has been deleted.  The last cache file Google has for it was on April 8th, with the last actual tweet being from February 1st.  This definitely looks like a company which is winding down it’s existence.  You don’t start deleting your marketing efforts (especially free ones!) like Twitter accounts unless you just don’t plan on actually marketing things anymore, or there is no one left to market your products.

The evidence really is mounting that Go! Comi is going the way of other anime and manga companies, such as Central Park Media.


The AnimeVice article about Go! Comi’s January post (referenced in one of the links above) notes this:

The company also posits that they may have to shut down their website in order to keep costs down and keep books coming– regular users will be given advance warning if this has to happen.

Running a website is hardly an expensive proposition unless you just run some huge site which takes up tons of bandwidth, which I have my doubts about with Go! Comi (I can’t remember what their website looked like, so I”m not really sure what they had), so the fact that they even discussed it as a possibility shows how short on cash they really were.  However, clearly no “advanced warning” was given about the website shutdown, which just piles on the evidence that Go! Comi is, in fact, shutting itself down.


12 thoughts on “Is Go! Comi Dead? [Updated]

  1. Maybe they just don’t have any employee left to take care of the site, which is a heavy load and takes a lot of time … I just hope they don’t go don’t, we need publisher to keep this business alive!

    • Perhaps, but even a minimal website is better than no website at all, which is why I find the fact that it went together completely a pretty ominous sign.

  2. While I want to say I’m sad, I really just don’t care.
    I’m part of the generation of anime/ manga fan who consumes material mostly through the internet and support the industry through merchandise (figures, nendos, artbooks… etc.).

    I see this as part of the bigger consequence of the decline of print media in general.

    • I’m sorry to say, but that’s not supporting the industry. At the most, the original company or the mangaka see licensing fees from trademarked merchandise. This, generally, involves simply paying to use the image. They don’t see money from individual sells, unless the merchandise is made through them.

      Also, please don’t call it a generation. There’s people of all ages that buy manga or don’t. It’s not simply limited to a generation, and not all people of a certain generation do or don’t.

  3. WTF?! ow man, this rlly was a blo to me! I rlly love their works ’cause their translation quality was one of the highest for ofitial publishers… hope that at least they keep their background work, even without websites or so

  4. Im really mad because I’m stuck on owning and reading mangas by hand and actully flipping the pages with my fingers not just a freaking click. and I have about two or three series that aren’t finished because they pulled this bull crap. if they were going out of business they should of had the balls to say so like send out a bullatin to the major stores saying they might not be around anymore. I work to much to be online all the time. so I have to stay with books and hell I love books I wouldn’t give them up for the world. so this is a load of crap that should have been told to the public alot freaking sooner.!!!!!!!!!! >.<

  5. Well now I’m super depressed because “Bound Beauty” is one of my most favorite Go! Comi titles, and now I know why I haven’t been able to find volumes 4 & 5 anywhere despite they being supposedly published already. This makes me sick because now I’ll never find out what happens. >.<
    Yeah its a digital age, but I much prefer reading my manga in its book form and holding it in my hand. I write Viz once a week begging them to license Kaori Yuki's Fairytale series "Ludwig Kakumei" because despite having read the scanlations, I want to own the actual books. ): Other things in the anime/manga world that make me sad…Viz giving up on releasing the dubbed Full Moon O Sagashite anime, Infinity Studios disappearing, (thank god Seven Seas Entertainment bought the rights to Blood Alone!) Shojo Beat being canceled and Tokyopop ceasing to release volumes of "Immortal Rain."
    Damn this recession…T.T

  6. I am so saddened to hear this news. I really love the series Cantarella that they published. They were able to do all 10 volumes that were published in Japan before the mangaka took a break from the work. She was supposed to have started it up again this past summer. I think I remember reading that somewhere. I don’t know if they licensed the upcoming volumes of Cantarella or not. If they did, I will be very upset. It is by far one of my most favorite works ever. To think that I would never see it again crushes my heart. Perhaps they could sell the license to another publisher? Not sure how that works. I am a believer in supporting the mangaka and the industry. To promote the publication of manga we must buy the works.

  7. I think that Go! Comi is actually dead. I can’t find 07-ghost at any book store anymore.
    And the 4th English book doesn’t seem it can be bought anywhere, even though it’s released.

  8. I have to agree with a lot of people. I am upset that they gave no warning ,but what I want to know if they will finish some of the series of books that they started. I want to finish reading them or if any other company will pick them up. Books like Ultimate Venus, The crown, Blooge, exctra.

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