Angel Beats – Episode 06

It’s Angel Beats episode 6, and Yuri considers what to do now that Naoi is student council president. However, he soon forces her hand after he uses increasingly brutal tactics against the Battlefront.  Naoi and the Battlefront soon battle, but Yuri’s group is slaughtered as Naoi uses regular students as shields and hostages. Naoi plans to hypnotize everyone into a sleep where they can be happy and disappear. However, Otonashi confronts him, and ends up accepting Naoi as who he is – something that no one has ever done before.

Wow, what an episode. As kind of expected, Naoi  was a pretty brutal student council President. However, he also harbored bad feelings towards god much like Yuri does, but took a different approach. Instead of openly revolting against the system, he secretly acted like a model student in order to eventually put himself in the position of being President, while doing bad things on the side to ensure he didn’t disappear.

I wasn’t expecting to hear Naoi’s story next, however. His isn’t tragic like Yuir’s as much as it is a tale of someone who never felt like he could live up to expectations. Naoi was someone who was never accepted as who he was, and then never really even got accepted when he switched identities with his dead brother. Only when Otonashi kind of slapped him around did he finally realize that he should be happy as who he is. I should note, however, that once again, Naoi’s memories end with him in despair, but we never hear how he actually died (or supposedly died).

I’m pretty sure Naoi disappeared at the end, which brings up the question: who is going to be the president now? Do they reinstate Kanade? And if so, what does Yuri do then? If not, presumably someone has to do it?

I really thought that we would learn more about the world they live in, especially when Otonashi and Kanade were trapped together, but we didn’t really get any more light shined on their situation. We got Naoi’s opinion about the world they’re in, but I’m not sure his opinion is any more reliable than anyone else’s.

We at least did find out why Kanade hasn’t disappeared yet: and that’s because she’s lonely. In fact, being student council president in a way trapped her in a situation where she could never leave. Anyone who tried to become friends with her are students who were abiding by the system, and thus soon disappeared, keeping Kanade lonely. Perhaps she can now find friendship with Otonashi, and maybe even Yuri now, allowing her to start down the road of healing herself.

Some last outstanding things in this series that are still a mystery, which I figure we have to find out sooner rather than later include:

  • What are Otonashi’s memories? Why is he there? How does he get healed?
  • Exactly where are they? Of course, we might not find that out until the end, but we’ll see.
  • What was Kanade’s past life like? I’m assuming she was lonely much like she is in this world. However, her playing the piano in the OP might give a clue as to how she can be healed.

One final thing…why did Yuri feel like giving Otonashi the walkie talkie at the start? It sure turned out handy, but what was her motivation? Did she suspect that he might hang around Kanade?  Does she find him the most useful member of the battlefront? Or does she otherwise feel closest to him? It was kind of interesting.

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  1. Yuri showed herself to be fairly cunning in spying on Ayato while the other SSS members created distractions. I bet she knew that Otonashi would get Kanade alone in a room with him ;D, and besides, it’s not like that was the only walkie talkie she had (plus they can probably make more out of dirt).

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