Working!! – Episode 05

It’s Working!! episode 5, and it’s another mix of mini-plots. Souta declares himself the most normal person working in the restaurant, while Hiroomi once again causes Yachiyo to misunderstand Jun, this time making her think that he likes Poplar. Also, Inami tries to work on her man-phobia, but to no avail as one day when Yachiyo is off and Souta has to care for a sick Nazuna, Jun and Hiroomi are forced to work the floor to help an over worked Poplar, who can’t take care of all the male customers, sending Inami to the kitchen.

Now that we have an episode that wasn’t really focused on any one character, the episode kind of turned into almost a recap of everything we had seen before.

We saw Souta’s mini-con-ness on display. We say Poplar being worried about her height. We saw Souta being concerned about Yachiyo’s sword again, Yachiyo’s sucking up to Kyouko, and Jun’s negative reactions whenever that happens. We also see Hiroomi’s all-knowingness and, of course, Inami’s man-punching. But we really didn’t get anything that I would classify as a new or really original in this episode.

It was nice that we got maybe a little more Poplar than we have for a while, but it still wasn’t too much and, poor Poplar with Souta thinking that her getting teased is also cute.

I’ve also noticed that we’ve now had 2 or 3 scenes in the show with Inami in the changing room. I’m just waiting for an episode where Souta walks in on her changing or something. He may not live to see anything else if that happens.

I also had to laugh at Inami destroying the wall when Hiroomi called her and was making fun of her. I guess Hiroomi is glad that there is a way he can make fun of her now, but he might still be disturbed by how much destruction Inami causes as a result.  Also…once again perhaps the oddest person on the show, Souta, declares himself the most normal of everyone there.