Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 40

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 40, and Sakura and company shop and do a lot of stuff around Tokyo.  However, things start getting weird when a blue butterfly pops up next to Tomoyo, sending her into a dreamy state about Sakura, and later, the same butterfly appears sending Shaoran into a dreamy state where he sees himself handing over his Clow Card to Sakura (in a copy of a scene of a romantic movie the group had been watching).  Next, the group visits Tokyo Tower where everyone starts acting a tad strange until Kero tells her that she’s in a dream (not the real Kero).  Sakura then sees herself from her recurring dream, and also sees that the woman on Tokyo Tower is indeed, Ms. Mizuki.  The Sakura in her dream appears and tells the real Sakura that “it will definitely be all right.”  Sakura is then pulled out of her dream when Shaoran uses time Time, allowing Sakura to seal the card – The Dream card, a card that shows fortelling dreams.

And this catches us up to where CCS HD has aired on TV.  The show typically airs on Mondays, but it takes frequent weeks off for whatever reason, so even though they’re 13 months into it, they’ve only aired 40 episodes.  So if there is a CCS-less Monday on here, that may be the reason.

The series continues to ramp up towards some event at Tokyo Tower, though we still don’t really know what it is. About the only thing for sure is that it will involve Sakura, Ms. Mizuki, and perhaps someone else who we haven’t fully seen yet. We’re seeing references to Sakura’s dream at Tokyo Tower more often than not in episodes now.

Also, while Ms. Mizuki didn’t make it known to Sakura that she was aware that Dream was there, she clearly knew, as it is shown that she watched the events from afar this time.  Other than that, this was mainly just a fun episode with the group going around. I had to laugh at Tomoyo’s dream of being surrounded by Sakuras and then getting doinked on the head by Meilin while she and Sakura were playing wack-a-mole.

Cards Captured: Dream
Card Count: 47