Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 39

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 39, and Sakura comes down with a bad fever, but tries to go to school anyway.  This results in her fainting and Toya having to bring her back home.  However, there is no rest for the wary as Sakura feels the presence of The Cloudy card and, against Kero’s advice to stay in bed, Sakura uses Mirror to leave a copy of herself behind while she heads out to capture the Clow Card.  However, she’s so weak that she can barely even seal it, and Shaoran wins the card, though he ends up giving it to Sakura.  This adventure only makes her fever worse, however, and Sakura’s mother’s spirit arrives to help lower her fever in the end.

A couple of interesting things happened in this episode: first, we pretty much confirm that Toya has figured out, at least roughly, what Sakura is up to.  Though this also shows a side of his personality too since, while he likes teasing her for being a “monster” and such all the time, he’s quite content to keep his knowledge of what he’s doing a secret.  Second, it’s interesting that Shaoran ended up giving The Cloudy card to Sakura in the end.  We’ve can already see that Shaoran likes Sakura (even if he may not realize it himself yet), and this event really shows Shaoran’s progression from a rival to more of a partner.

We also end the rather long absence of Sakura’s mother in this episode, though this is the first time I can remember that Sakura can actually sense her mother being around.  We’ve long known that Toya has been able to see his mother, but Sakura hasn’t really been able to.  Perhaps this shows that Sakura’s power has now gotten even stronger.

We also get to see how useful the Mirror card really is in this episode, though, unbeknown to Sakura, it isn’t really all that useful against Toya since he can tell immediately that it’s not Sakura.

Cards Captured: Cloudy
Card Count: 46