Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 38

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 38, and Sakura’s class goes out strawberry picking for the day (leaving Kero behind, unfortunately for him).  However, the materials building, where they were going to cook up some yummy treats, has mysteriously locked and no one can get it open.  When Sakura, Shaoran, Tomoyo, and Meilin investigate, they find that the door opens, but once they enter, they’re locked inside.  The group can’t figure out how to get out until Sakura spots Ms. Mizuki outside pointing at her neck, and Sakura realizes that she has to “unlock” the Lock card by using her magic key.

This was the first kind of boring episode of the second season, I thought. Lock wasn’t a particularly exciting Card to capture once Ms. Mizuki told Sakura how to do it (and the only reason she had to was because Kero was at home dreaming about strawberries).  Perhaps the only real other thing in this episode is that Toya wanted to say something to Yukito about something, but I’m not really sure we know what he wants to say yet.

However, this episode marks yet another a time when Ms. Mizuki appears to be fully aware that a Clow Card is in effect, which has happened in pretty much every episode in the 2nd season so far I believe. I think this is the first time Ms. Mizuki has actively helped Sakura in capturing the card since Maze, though.

And poor Kero, how many times has he lost out on eating sweets because Sakura either gives them all away to Yukito or can’t come up with a reason to save some?

Cards Captured: Lock
Card Count: 45